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RE: Your Favorite Highways and Roads 2007/06/06 17:36:33 (permalink)
Originally posted by Al-The Mayor-Bowen

Back to the Beautiful rides-

Try U S 95 from Payette ID to New Meadows, and ID 55 from Boise to New Meadows, then U S 95 north thru Riggens to Grangeville to Lewiston, ID. Absolutely unbelieveable rides thru the mountains and beside white-water streams for mile after mile.

Then go east on US 12 over LoLo Pass to Missoula MT and return south on US 93 and ID 28 to Idaho Falls.


I did this precise drive 2 years ago. I had lost my wallet, and I was not quite in the sightseeing mood as a result, but boy, do I sure remember this ride as being special.
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RE: Your Favorite Highways and Roads 2007/06/06 23:36:51 (permalink)
Absolutely zero for sightseeing, but my favorite road is US 183 heading south out of Austin. First Lockhart, then Luling. The axis of the barbecue universe.
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RE: Your Favorite Highways and Roads 2007/06/07 02:15:23 (permalink)
Originally posted by rouxdog

Yep, Ileechef, the expedition did bed down for the winter at their thrown together Ft. Clatsop or was it named Ft. Clapsot. Please forgive me, but the truth is the truth. Remarkable expedidition, only lost (died) one the entire trip, that occurred somewhat early on the trip, along the Mo. River in Nebraska as I recall. He has been since presumed dead due to appendicitus.
I still want to do the ALCAN! If I'm fortunate to do so, it'll be in my pickup, not a top a two wheeler.
Ole Rouxdog

The one and only member of the expedition to die was Sgt. Floyd and it happened around Sioux City, Iowa.
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RE: Your Favorite Highways and Roads 2007/12/26 10:22:50 (permalink)
For many years my favorite highway (segment) was in NY State--I-88 Schenectady to Binghamton. Along much of this route, my favorite railraod, the D&H was in sight. And at least two GREAT diners: TOPPS in Schenectady and, best of all, the Unidilla Diner in the village of the same name.

Now TOPPS is gone and the Unidilla Diner has been closed for several years; darn it!

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RE: Your Favorite Highways and Roads 2007/12/26 10:25:52 (permalink)
My favorite road is US 61 between Duluth and the Canadian border along the Lake Superior North Shore. US 61 along the Mississippi River is not bad either. But the North Shore is special. There are several state park stops with spectacular water falls, great hiking, and good comfort food everywhere.

Gooseberry Falls

The Devil's Kettle at Judge C R Magney State Park

Pigeon River Falls on the Canadian Border

And of course pie

Earl of Sandwich
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RE: Your Favorite Highways and Roads 2007/12/27 08:20:11 (permalink)
Some of my favorite roads include:

US 27
US 127 both run from Michigan to Fl
US 6, runs cross country, but I like the portion that runs from Sandusky, OH to Cleveland.
Lake Shore Drive in Chicago.
US 321 from the mountains of TN to SC
Blue Ridge Parkway.
Lookout Mountain Parkway
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RE: Your Favorite Highways and Roads 2014/04/22 14:37:10 (permalink)
This thread is a few years old but made me salivate so I must add to it. In no particular order:
Blue Ridge Parkway - be sure to pack food
Rt 50 to Eastern Shore - seafood galore and when you tire of that there are plenty of bbq chicken places along the side of the road
Rt 11 / I-81 thru Shenandoah Valley - not as scenic as it once was but still a nice drive. A shame every exit now sports FF. Still lots of good roadfood to be had though 
Million Dollar Highway in Colorado 
Least favorite - pick any interstate in Arkansas or Oklahoma 
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RE: Your Favorite Highways and Roads 2014/04/22 19:36:29 (permalink)
I speak for city folk who love to walk...don't love driving at all & have streets as well as sidewalks nicely organized in a grid pattern.

My favorite Roadfood street is Washington St. in <<<Hoboken>>> New Jersey.
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RE: Your Favorite Highways and Roads 2014/04/22 20:23:15 (permalink)
Sorry you're stuck in <<<Hoboken>>>.  I love driving the Top of The World Highway in Alaska to Dawson, Canada.  It's a gravel road.  Beautiful.  I also love the drive from Livengood, Alaska (just north of Fairbanks) to Deadhorse, Alaska.  Over 400 miles up on gravel road.....through the Tors, through the Brooks Range.......then to the Arctic Ocean.  On these two highways you will see moose, fox, wolves, eagles, caribou and and grizzlies.......and lots of majestic mountains.
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RE: Your Favorite Highways and Roads 2014/04/22 20:50:43 (permalink)
Not far from Knoxville, is the tail of the dragon and close to that is the Cherohala Skyway.  A most beautiful drive that there is no commercial inteference for many miles across the mountains.  It is from Tellico Plains, TN to Robbinsville, NC.  The tail of the dragon is famous for motorcycle drivers and  sports cars.  It is 321 curves that is so famous that it driven from all over the world.  The 321 curves occur over just about eleven miles.  Many fatalities have occurred here along with more crashes with folks trying to better speed records.  I have driven this road in my Miata MX6 , but not very fast. .
The Cherohala is just as beautiful.
Paul E. Smith
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RE: Your Favorite Highways and Roads 2014/04/22 22:00:45 (permalink)
Any road in the Northeast Quadrant of AZ!
Especially in the Forests of The Ft. Apache Indian Reservation and the Apache - Sitgreaves National Forest.
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RE: Your Favorite Highways and Roads 2014/04/22 22:26:18 (permalink)
A view of the Brooks Range on the way to Prudhoe.
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RE: Your Favorite Highways and Roads 2014/04/22 23:43:32 (permalink)
We love a good drive. From mountains to beaches to farmland to unique cityscapes.  Love it all.   The American roads are what helped define RoadFood.  Here are a few of our favorites: 
Not all of these are rich in RoadFood destinations, ... on fact, many aren't, .... but they are fun drives in any case. 
White Mountains, NH loop.  Kancamagus Hwy from Conway to Lincoln.  RT 3 north through Franconia Notch.  Roite 302 East to Bretton Woods and Crawford Notch.  Rt. 16 north up to Jackson Village.  Continue north on 16 toward Mount Washington Auto Road.  Go up Auto Road if it's summer and weather is good.  Double back and head south and head back south toward Conway. 
Route 100 in Vermont.  Most of it is scenic up and down the length of the state. 
Ten Mile Drive.  Newport, RI. -
Outer Banks and Emerald Isles NC.   Route 12 along the barrier islands of Bodie island and Hatteras Island, including the ferries to Ocracoke Island and Cedar Island, and continue south along Routes 70 and 58 down to Beaufort, Morehead City, Atlantic Beach, Salter Path, Emerald Isle, and Cape Carteret. 
Route A1A along the east coast of Florida (or just some sections of it).  An eclectic mix of urban and suburban beach towns that will go on for hundreds of miles with lots of interesting sights, sounds, smells, and characters.
U.S. Route 1 along the Florida Keys down to Key West.   Take the Florida Turnpike Homestead Extension south to Florida City.  From Florida City, take U.S. 1 South.   
Tamiami Trail (U.S. 41) from Miami to Tampa.  Great Everglades scenery along the southern section. 
Old U.S. 66 in Arizona.  From Topock to Oatman to Kingman to Peach Springs to Seligman. 
Old U.S. 66 from Barstow to Goffs/Needles, CA. 
Pacific Coast Highway.  Central California Coast.   From Morro Bay to Monterey, including the "17-mile Drive" on the Monterey Peninsula. 
Eastern CA.   Loop around Lake Tahoe, CA/NV. .. And U.S. 395 down to Mammoth Lakes, Bishop, and the Owens Valley and Mojave.  This drive is a great mix of mountains, desert, high and low elevations.
Route 62 from Medford, Oregon to Crater Lake, Oregon.  Plus Crater Lake loop.
Route 504 from Castle Rock, WA to Mount Saint Helens, WA.
San Juan Islands, WA.  Take ferry from Anacortes, WA to San Juan Island and Orcas Island.  Back on mainland, take drive from Bellingham, WA to Mt Baker along Route 542.  
Black Hills of South Dakota.  Various loops that include towns of Sturgus, Deadwood, Lead, Custer City, Rapid City, and Mount Rushmore. 
U.S. 61 - The Blues Highway.  From Memphis, TN down through Mississippi and into Louisiana. 
Route 5 -  The Plantation Highway.   From Williamsburg toward Richmond, VA. 
Plus a bunch more in several National Parks, such as Yosemite, Yellowstone, Acadia, Skyline Drive/Shenandoah, and on and on.  
Yup.  Janet and I love road trips! 
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RE: Your Favorite Highways and Roads 2014/04/23 08:13:25 (permalink)
I-81 is certainly scenic here in the Valley, but the truck traffic is so heavy now that is no longer pleasant for me.
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RE: Your Favorite Highways and Roads 2014/04/23 10:24:28 (permalink)
I just finished another 4,000 mile trip to Texas and back. I have now driven the entire Texas border from Louisiana to New Mexico as close as you possibly can along the Gulf Coast and the Rio Grande River.
Just in the past two years I have been on that On Top of the World road to Dawson, Yukon; to the tip of the Homer Spit on the Alaska Kenai Peninsula; to Key West, Florida; and before this season is over I will have finished driving all the Canadian provinces with a visit to the Maritimes. 94% of my driving has been on the back roads and off the freeways in over 140,000 miles of RV driving these past 8 years. As it stands there are few places I haven't driven now. By the end of this season I will have 49 states driven in an RV. Hawaii will remain the RV exception.
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RE: Your Favorite Highways and Roads 2014/05/05 20:28:27 (permalink)
US Hwy 101...aka The Redwood's the lifeblood of the best coast
US Hwy 50...From Sf to Pueblo, CA via "The loneliest Hwy" (Nat'l Geographic)
I-80...from Union Square in SF to Wendover, NV
US Hwy 395...the lifeblood of the Eastern Sierra & Cascades...395 goes from the Canadian border to just south of Victorville on the southern end (it used to go to the Mexican border, but since I-15 was constructed it now terminates into I-15)
CA Hwy 49...the gold rush motherlode of California, from Vinton (jct with CA Hwy 70) to Oakhurst (jct CA Hwy 41)
CA Hwy 128...from UC Davis to the coast (jct with CA Hwy 1) about 18 miles south of Ft Bragg
CA Hwy 20...From Ft Bragg to jct with I-80 near Chubb Lake 
CA Hwy 70...From Oroville to Hallujah Jct (jct with US Hwy 395) the Feather River Route of the late Calif Zephyr train
CA Hwy 89...From Willow Creek jct with CA Hwy 88 tthru Mt Lassen NP to Mount Shasta jct with I-5
CA Hwy 88...From Stockton jct I-5 to Minden NV via the Carson Pass
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