for the In-N-Out fans

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2005/08/20 09:19:50 (permalink)

for the In-N-Out fans

In-N-Out,and most fast food, has falling off my list lately, but I'm going back and was wondering if anyone has found a burger creation at In-N-Out that they would care to share. They'll make it any way you want so there are many combos. My favorite right now is an animal style variation, grilled mustard cheeseburger, w/ ketchup, no spread, raw onions, extra toast. A bit healthier and tasty too.

Secret Menu:

20x20 expo (WARNING: graphic images)

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    mr chips
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    RE: for the In-N-Out fans 2005/08/24 11:01:48 (permalink)
    Just had my first In-N-Out burger this week. A Double-Double Animal style. It was good.
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    RE: for the In-N-Out fans 2005/08/24 12:24:07 (permalink)
    I will be trying in and out for the first time when I am in CA in Sept. I have heard a lot of praise for their burgers, but my brother, who was there last summer thought that the burger at Jack in the Box was actually better, and no, he loves good burgers! This didn't sit well with some of my so cal friends!
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    RE: for the In-N-Out fans 2005/08/24 12:55:39 (permalink)
    STRONGLY disagree with your brother's assessment. In-N-Out must have had a bad day. Jack in the Box is consistently worse than just about every other burger.
    Fred Ferris
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    RE: for the In-N-Out fans 2005/08/30 15:01:26 (permalink)
    OK..I have to stick up for Jack in the Box...although I agree it can't compete with In-N-Out, I think their burgers are pretty damn good (especially when compared to MC D, Burger King, etc...)

    I also appreciate Jack in the Box's creative menu..not just the typical fast food stuff....they really do make an effort to introduce new things (not all work, but many are surprisingly good)

    And, they have by far the funniest commercials in the industry!
    Double Chili Cheeseburger
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    RE: for the In-N-Out fans 2005/08/30 15:24:15 (permalink)
    When I'm on the west coast, I ALWAYS make some time for In-N-Out. It is the ONLY fast food I ever eat. In fact, it's the only large chain fast food establishment I've patronized in about 15 years. I find it to be consitantly excellent.
    mayor al
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    RE: for the In-N-Out fans 2005/08/30 15:53:58 (permalink)

    IMHO In n Out and Jack in the Box are kind of an Apples vs Oranges comparison. The menu the key. In/Out has a very limited menu while Jack tries to cover All the bases, Burgers, Tacos, Salads, and other stuff too. Both seem to have a niche in the FF world.
    I like In n Out Burgers a lot-- 2 Double-Doubles Hold the lettuce and double the onions, Please. And the lemonade was a great drink with the Burgers and fries.
    At Jack, it is the 2/99 cent Tacos.($5 gets you 10 of those little devils) Deep Fried, greasy as a Crisco can and great. My reaction to a bunch of those Tacos is much like my reaction to a sackful of White Castle Sliders ! I know for a day or so what I did, and never regret it, although some folks around me might not feel that way.
    Fred Ferris
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    RE: for the In-N-Out fans 2005/08/31 13:02:16 (permalink)
    Oh my Al...I couldn't agree more about the Jack in the Box tacos!! Totally un-authentic, but absolutely addicting! In fact, this was the first taco I had ever eaten in my life growing up in Washington, DC (Jack in the Boxes long long gone from that area)...I love the White Castle either love 'em or hate 'em

    Actually, a couple of years ago, Burger King briefly had tacos on their menu throughout the country...and they were almost EXACTLY like Jack's! Wept uncontrollably when they discontinued them.
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