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 york steak house

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RE: york steak house Fri, 08/18/06 6:55 PM (permalink)
Originally posted by Wistah

I vaguely remember several in MA but I never ate at one....Route 1 in Dedham.....Danvers across From Liberty Tree Mall (now New Asia) and in the old Natick Mall.

It sounds like they were a "Ponderosa" or "Bonanza" type restaurant.

Does anyone remember "Rustler"....another similar type chain?

Yeah, my brother worked at Rustler steakhouse. Their claim to fame were the cinnamon sticks for dessert. My brother learned how to make them and served them at home and swore they were just like in the restaurant. Was enough for all of us in the family to promise never to eat there. We all loved my brother, but there were limits to our loyalty. There was a York in Marlboro MA. Kind of the early version of Old Country Buffet. Fred

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    RE: york steak house Wed, 08/23/06 3:56 PM (permalink)
    There was a York Steakhouse in the Upper Valley Mall in Springfield Ohio in the 70's I use to frequent a lot. They had a really good hamburger and all the steaks were good. The grilled mushrooms were fantastic!

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      RE: york steak house Thu, 08/24/06 9:58 AM (permalink)
      We had a York Steak House at Summit Park Mall in Niagara Falls in the 70's. I worked at Recordland there while I was going to Niagara, and York was the place to have lunch in the Mall.

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        RE: york steak house Sun, 08/27/06 12:49 PM (permalink)
        Anyone interested in starting a petition to re-open York Steakhouses in all the malls??

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          RE: york steak house Sun, 08/27/06 2:30 PM (permalink)
          Originally posted by bringbackyork

          Anyone interested in starting a petition to re-open York Steakhouses in all the malls??

          Only if they bring back smoking in restuarants, denim-look polyester leisure suits, and the Sonny and Cher show.

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            RE: york steak house Wed, 08/30/06 6:36 AM (permalink)
            Hey all Yorkies!! I am so excited to find this web site and see others who have worked at York Steak House feel the same way I do. I worked at York from 1980-1985 at the Beaver Valley Mall in Monaca, PA. It was my first job and I loved it. I am in the process of forming a reunion for all my coworkers and would love everyones fondest memories to share at the reunion. I, too, am looking for York items to take to my reunion. Anyone out there able to help me purchase any items? I have some monkey bowls....remember them.....what hot side used to put the mushroom, onions or mushroom sauce in......I also have my five year pin. Other than that, I would love to have some tags, or something. I'm planning on having the reunion at the Mall sometime in November in a Restaurant that is presently under construction. I have great memories!!! Everyone worked a team...and we were BUSY!!! We worked hard to get the line moving and the customers loved to watch us work. I remember the french we used for well done, medium and rare (can't spell them), the desserts (everyone loved the whooopie cake), and our great chicken and fish!! We partied together and came to work early just to hang out with each other. I used to prep in the morning and I worked hot side, cold side and hostess. I'm having fun locating my old friends and hope we have a good turnout for the reunion.

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              RE: york steak house Mon, 09/11/06 6:17 PM (permalink)
              For any of you who worked at York Steakhouse. They had a sauce on their chicken that was soooo good. Does anyone know they recipe?

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                RE: york steak house Mon, 09/11/06 9:31 PM (permalink)
                All I remember about the Honey Glazed Roasted Chicken was the glaze was very thick and came in a big white tub and we brushed it on the chicken when the chicken was done and baked it again for a few minutes. We sprinkled the chicken generously with a paprika type seasoning before it was baked. It was awesome!!! I'm wondering if the glaze was honey with, maybe, brown sugar or something. Not sure.

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                  RE: york steak house Mon, 09/18/06 10:58 AM (permalink)
                  Worked at York Steak House from 1975 - 1985. Louisville- Lexington Ky,-St.Louis, & Independence, Missouri.& Fairview Hgts, Ill.
                  Still have menues, napkins, and the opening week schedule of the store in St. Clair Square - my favorite store although the store in
                  Lexington at Fayette Mall was great also.
                  How are these prices:
                  Tryeth our Sirloin Tips $1.99 includes baked potato.fresh garden salad, and a hot buttered roll!
                  Open every Sunday - Chopped Sirloin Dinner $1.79
                  York Chef Salad Delights jr.99cents large $1.39
                  Sirloin Strip Supper $2.09
                  T Bone Steak dinner $2.99
                  --and the employees favorite the #4 Chopped Steak Sandwich
                  with steak fries 89 cents! employee price 45 cents!! - (and don't call it a hamburger).
                  A great company with lots of great people while it lasted..
                  I can't believe nobody mentioned all the great desserts!


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                    RE: york steak house Mon, 09/18/06 12:15 PM (permalink)
                    Strawberry Fantastiks, Choc & Vanilla Parfaits w/ Rich's Pudding,
                    Coconut Cr. Pie, choc cake w/ whip cream & choc shavings, and oh yeah, those d--m fruit pies we had to bake every night, cherry, apple blueberry, and the one nobody ate the Mince pie. And jello cubes in sherbert cups - cherry, lemon, lime.
                    They were good with the coffee ( Continental Coffee) from that big urn under the steak girl's station.

                    "Pasay" was a term started by Bernt Gros, one of the founders- a German chef, and Peter Meier a Regional Dir. from Switzerland also a trained Chef. Just like the French terms we used to describe the doneness of the steaks. The other founders were the Graysons.
                    Gen Mills purchased the company from them.

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                      RE: york steak house Mon, 09/18/06 9:06 PM (permalink)
                      I do not remember menus or napkins. Are they cloth? I also remember the pecan pie nad pumpkin pie. They were really good. I also remember no one really liking the minced meat pie. We called the chocolate cake with whipped cream a "whoopie" cake. Do you remember the brownies? They were awesome. I also remember the stuffed baked potatoes...stuffed with broccoli or cauliflower then smothered in cheese we pumped on. Did your store have that? I really do not remember the prices being that low. I guess we are showing our age!! I'm starting to remember the strawberry fantastiks, but remind me how they were made.....I'm also remembering strawberry pie. Do you have any photos of the food or desserts?

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                        RE: york steak house Tue, 09/19/06 12:28 AM (permalink)
                        My mom managed a Continental Coffee distribution point in Fresno for many years. I worked for them part time during high school and into college doing data processing and deliveries.

                        Mom had her own coffee machine in her office and 1 at home. These were the small commercial machines similat to what later came out as a Mr. Coffee. She would drink like 4 pots a day.

                        I never have cared for the taste of coffee myself.

                          Rob Smith Jr

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                          RE: york steak house Tue, 09/26/06 1:00 PM (permalink)
                          I'm heading to Columus September 2007. If they're still open that is No. 1 destination outside of the conference I'll be at.

                          My family would travel to the York Steak House in The Altamonte Mall in Altamonte Springs, Florida. It was a weekly ritual for years until I went on to college. I loved the chocolate cake with whipped cream center and the chocolate shavings. And I can still taste those buns. I remember them adding the chicken. That was wehn all of the other food seemed to go downhill.

                          The Columbus experience will not be the same, but it will be fun to introduce one of my favorite restaurants growing up to my wife.

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                            RE: york steak house Tue, 09/26/06 6:03 PM (permalink)
                            I do believe ALL York Steak House's are closed. Sorry. Ya, that "whoopie" cake was good!!! All their food was good. At least we have the memories!

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                              RE: york steak house Wed, 09/27/06 10:15 AM (permalink)
                              I am a 5 year YSH veteran. Worked at the Tri-County Mall Cincinnati, Ohio store from 1979(16 yo) until 1984(21 yo). First six months as a busboy and dishwasher. The remainder as a BroilerChef.

                              What a great bunch of memories I have of my time there. It was a fun place to work. The food was excellent. My co-workers made up the best collection of personalities I have ever worked this day.

                              Here is a collection of some of my memories:

                              The Christmas rush: Balls-to-the-wall from open to close starting the Friday after Thanksgiving until NewYears. Lines out the door.

                              The bouncing coffee cups.

                              The local High School football teams coming in for their pregame dinner on Friday afternoons. (ForestPark and Princeton)

                              Drinking Kamakazees down at the Public Landing Pub.

                              Saturday night and Sunday afternoon I got to don the gold jacket and carve the Prime Rib.

                              The faux-French language we used. (or perhaps it was real French)

                              Being rushed to the hospital on Mother's Day with a burn suffered while cleaning out the french fryer.


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                                RE: york steak house Wed, 09/27/06 10:19 AM (permalink)
                                Originally posted by YorkHostess

                                Maybe I can keep this topic alive! Reading all the stories made me want to share some of mine.
                                York was my 1st job from 1978-1981. Northgate Mall, Cincinnati Ohio. Started as a "cold side" girl and moved up to "Hostess" in just a little while. I think I made $2.32 an hour. I loved working there and think it gave me a good work ethic.
                                The food was out of this world, awesome. I'm going to the Columbus, OH store this weekend and hope it is worth the trip.

                                Good Employee Stories:
                                1. Our senior regional director was a very picky man. One day he sat down with me and my GM to discuss the finer points of keeping caps on salt/pepper shakers clean. He went on talking for probably 1/2 an hour telling me that I did not have the proper technique to get all the finger prints off and he wanted to be sure that I would not have to be told again. After he was finished (and I was a speechless), my GM said to me "if you can sit through all that, you deserve a raise" and promptly gave me a 25 cent on the hour raise! I don't think that is what the senior director had in mind!

                                2. One night while retrieving steak sauce bottles: take a bus cart and take all the bottles off the tables and put them on the bus cart. once you have one layer on, take a large aluminum steak tray and put that on top of the bottles. put more bottles on top of the steak tray. repeat until all the bottles are off all the tables. roll the cart into the back and into the cold side cooler for the night.
                                This process takes a loooong time! We weren't allowed to start anything until the last customer left the restuarant. That was York's deal. Anyway, it had to be around 1 a.m. and I was pushing the cart back, rolling over the carpet, just about to hit the brick floor and WHAM! the entire cart tipped over and steak sauce bottles broke all over the place. After some help from my mother(didn't drive at the time) I got it cleaned up and went home for the night.
                                That builds character!

                                3. A broiler chef and I used to sing "Renegade" by Styx. He was on the grill and I was in the dining area. York would be so crowded and loud on a weekend night, no one paid any attention to us. Scott would start out "oh mamma, i'm in fear for my life from the long arm the law", then i'd sign the next line and so on. just to the part where Tommy Shaw kicks into the guitar part. It was great!

                                4. Any other hostessess out there remember filling up ketchup bottles and having the glass bottoms burst? How bout pouring coffee, "would you like a fresh, hot, delicious cup of York Steak House coffee?" and how many steak plates could you fit on your arm, smile and serve?

                                and on something every York employee knows: PASAY!!

                                i'm glad I stumbled upon this forum and thanks for bringing back the memories.

                                I was Tri-County 1979-1984. You must be talking about Phil Moser. He was a picky SOB. Or Perhaps Neil Boone.

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                                  RE: york steak house Wed, 09/27/06 10:22 AM (permalink)
                                  My mother lives in Columbus. Next time I am up there, I am going:
                                  York Steak House
                                  4220 W. Broad St.
                                  Columbus, Ohio 43228

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                                    RE: york steak house Wed, 09/27/06 11:09 AM (permalink)
                                    MORE MEMORIES:

                                    Most of the managers were crazy.

                                    Lifting two tong-fulls of steaks and dropping them onto the broiler to produce the spectacular plume of flame. A real crowd pleaser.

                                    On Valentines day, taking several nips of the Brandy used to ingite the Cherry Jubilee Flambe.

                                    The after-work parties (and there were plenty).

                                    The before-work parties!!

                                    Thanksgiving Day Football games...Tri-County store vs. Northgate store.

                                    Exploding ketchup bottles.

                                    The grease/fat collection vat...the nastiest thing you ever saw or smelled.

                                    The soap opera like relationships that started and ended among the employees.

                                    The employee discount!!

                                    Driving to another store ,on the clock, to pick up something we had run out of.

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                                      RE: york steak house Wed, 09/27/06 1:03 PM (permalink)
                                      Originally posted by recpools

                                      Originally posted by YorkHostess

                                      Pasay (pah-say) means a few things.
                                      1. it meant finished, like the steaks were served to the grill table and the chef would say what the order was and then say Pasay!
                                      2. it meant get out of my way or move or to say coming through. Pasay was said every time you went through a door.
                                      3. it meant i'm behind you.
                                      I still find myself sometimes saying it, mostly to mean get out of my way. (only around family cause they know what it means)
                                      I don't know if the spelling is correct but we never had to spell it, just say it!

                                      might have been spelled passe` but who's to know?

                                      everyone knew what it meant, especially when the broiler chefs slid a plate all the way from the tip pan down to the buttered roll end of the steak table!

                                      the steak girl had to really be quick and on her toes.

                                      You just reminded me of another memory:

                                      THE WILD SPUD-

                                      If the steak table was empty, the BroilerChef at the far end would call for a "wild spud". The dude working bakers would prepare a "baker plate" and absolutely rifle it the length of the steak table. The BroilerChef would catch it AFTER it left the end of the table and in one smooth motion, put a steak on the plate and slide it back across the table....stopping it under the appropriate heat light.
                                      (remember left light well done, middle light medium, right light rare)

                                      That move only worked with spuds; steakfries and rice were not made for that kind of action.

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                                        RE: york steak house Fri, 10/13/06 1:41 PM (permalink)
                                        I am so stoked about this site!!! I happened across it by accident. I was hired at the original York in the Patio (columbus) in November of 1977. Denny Koehler interviewed me at the Westland York (which is still there under the name of Jay's York Steak House) then he sent me to meat Mike Mazzone the Regional Director at the Patio. Bob Bolan was my District Mgr. John Roberts was the General Mgr. I loved the experience. As I progressed from trainee to asst mgr to mgr to senior mgr I was sent to help open new stores with a group of the best people in the world. Along with Duane Rubin from Chicago (Rube) Doug Ellert (Eggbert) Charlie Gannon, Brian Hedderick all of Columbus, we opened Middletown OH Moline IL Davenport IA, Steubenville OH. Brian and I went to Chicago to the Merrillville store to work over Christmas when our new store was not yet ready (St Clairsville OH).

                                        Whenever a group of mgrs would meet up in a bar at a new opening (which was quite often) we would always start by toasting Bernie Gros.
                                        On the first day of the new restaurant opening, Jerry Miras VP would make us run around the restaurant for about 15 minutes. The guy was nuts.

                                        Some others that come to mind are Rod McCracken, Bill Fox, John Burkett, Ted Falter, Don Maly, Clark Mayo.

                                        I have never worked so hard for so many hours and had so much fun at any other time in my life. I miss it.

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                                          RE: york steak house Fri, 10/27/06 9:51 AM (permalink)
                                          I am going to York Steak House in Columbus on Saturday Oct 28.
                                          Can't wait.

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                                            RE: york steak house Fri, 10/27/06 10:28 AM (permalink)
                                            wait...there is a YORK in existance still??? the real deal? will you pls post tons of pics...please! of the line with your trey and the desserts (strawberries and fake whipped cream) and the buttered rolls and the DELICIOUS sole with almonds! please

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                                              RE: york steak house Tue, 10/31/06 2:00 PM (permalink)
                                              My report:
                                              The place is called J's York Steak House.
                                              Our time of arrival was 4:00 pm on a Saturday. The restaurant was not very busy (Ohio State was playing a home game on TV...Columbus basically shuts down for that). In my party: Me, girlfriend, mother, grandmother...all York fanatics. The main entrance to the restaurant is in the back of the building and other than the sign above the door, the familiar yellow and orange color scheme is nowhere to be found. Stepping inside the door immediately takes me back 20 years. The menu with pictures hangs on the wall. Steaks, Honey Glazed chicken, fish...the old staples. In addition there are some rather out-of-place menu items such as spaghetti. But alas, we are here for the steaks. A right turn followed by a quick left down a long aisle and we arrive at the order station. I order the #1 and chose baked potato from the old standard choices (potato, steak fries or rice pilaf). Gf and mother order the Sirloin Tips and grandma orders the Petite Sirloin...all with baked potatoes. Gone are the tags to indicate your order; replaced by a piece of paper with your orders written on. The order girl barks our order into the microphone back to the broiler area and much to my dismay, orders the tips as "Tips, medium please". I was waiting to hear the familiar refrain "Delicious Sautéed Sirloin Tips medium, please". I guess times change everything. We slide our trays (not orange trays like the past but rather a faded red color) past the dessert station, drink station and arrive at the hot side station /broiler area. The Honey Glazed chicken looks delicious, making me wish I had gotten the sirloin/chicken combo dinner. Oh well, maybe next time. I tell the folks on the hot side that I want sautéed onions added to my steak. With that we arrive at the register and pay for our meals. Total 38.06. Not bad for four people. We chose a seat and head to the salad bar. Now, I must say that the York I worked at did not have a salad bar during the 5 years I worked there. So this was new for me. It was a nicely stocked SALAD bar. Lettuce and everything you would want to create a great salad. Six dressings to chose from. With our salads finished and our anticipation reaching a fever pitch, the hostess arrives with our steaks. Like a blast from the past; the meat, baked potato, and roll occupy their rightful places on the plate. The roll, fresh from the oven, smells like a little slice of heaven. The potato is fresh. And the steak is perfect with a heap of freshly sautéed onions piled on. Of course I must sample the Sirloin Tips, and I am not disappointed. They are just as delicious as in the past.

                                              This restaurant is very much like the Yorks of old. The food is amazingly the same. Other than the missing yellow and orange colors, the motif is identical…including a Kings Court. The broiler area/steak table is just like 1985. Gone are the tunics the busboys used to wear, having been replaced by a blue t-shirt. The hostesses wear a maroon buttonup shirt and black pants.

                                              I snapped a handful of pictures with a standard camera. (I foolishly left the digital at home). My plan is to send them to my brother (another ex-Yorkie) in Chicago. I will have digitals created and perhaps post them here.

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                                                RE: york steak house Wed, 11/1/06 7:28 PM (permalink)
                                                Hi all,
                                                Here is a link to a MP group that I found on yahoo and they have recipes including the chicken divan, cheesballs and orange/almond salad..I have them on my puter as well...Check it out...Have fun. Im so excited I cant wait to go and buy what I dont already have in my pantry and make these and see if they are the real thing or as close to it as I can find.
                                                Good Luck and Have a good night
                                                Im on YAHOO and AIM messanger under nibseysgirl too!

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                                                <img src="" border="0"
                                                alt="Click here to join MagicPanProject"><br>Click to join MagicPanProject</a>

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                                                  RE: york steak house Wed, 11/1/06 11:12 PM (permalink)

                                                  I may have to make a trip to Columbus

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                                                    RE: york steak house Thu, 11/30/06 3:30 PM (permalink)
                                                    Wow. Does this site ever bring back memories! York was my first job -- I worked in the West Des Moines, Iowa, location at Valley West Mall from 1979 to 1981, and made about $2.10 an hour! I worked all three "girl" jobs -- coldside, hotside, and hostess -- during my tenure there. Thinking about the fake French cracks me up -- segne, tres segne, and beonque -- as well as the ordering "script" we had to follow on coldside -- "Delicious baked filet of fish Almondine, please!" One writer mentioned the hallway to get into the place, and that it was like a Pirates of the Caribbean ride -- exactly right. I also remember the salad-dressing smell of the walk-in cooler, refilling the ketchup bottles till the bottoms exploded, and smelling like a combination of polyester and grill grease. The kids who worked there were basically from two high schools in West Des Moines, and we all got along great -- we all dated each other at one time or another, as I recall! There was no thrill like walking in to work and realizing your crush was working the grill that night. Some names I remember from those days -- managers Keith Hunter, Keith Gutierrez, and Randy someone; Debbie Archambeau; Mary and Tina Avants, Mike Brigance, Mark Giovannetti, Janelle Kordick, Brett Chase. I'd love to hear from more Iowa "Yorkies!"

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                                                      RE: york steak house Sat, 12/9/06 1:34 AM (permalink)
                                                      I remember the one in Danvers Ma. And Burlington too...What a treat it was to go there when I was younger...The sauted mushrooms and onions were to die for ...Loved it..wish they hadnt changed bet they still be around. I think they were a step above Ponderosa ....Thier rolls were very good too. I live in Fl now and the closest I have found to YSH is Golden Coral but only when I go up north to Orlando...Love it there but would love a YSH to come back...We can dream ..just like we did in the 70s lol..Good night all..Lis

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                                                        RE: york steak house Sat, 12/9/06 11:07 AM (permalink)
                                                        Since this link was published here in January, 2005, other people have contributed to that message board and it makes it worthwhile to revisit it:

                                                        When the York mall restaurants started to close one by one, they often did not remove the "York Steak House" yellow letters affixed to the exterior wall of the shopping malls. I saw one mall here in the Northeast that still had the sign up as of a few years ago, and it may still be there today for all I know. I think there is also a photograph at that shows a York Steak House sign. Since it is an image, it does not show up in search engines. Will post info as I find it.

                                                        I was never quite clear about why General Mills just closed the chain down.

                                                        My own memories of the chain go back to the mid 70's, when I just got out of the service and finally had the freedom to "See the USA in your Chevrolet." I wasn't earning much then, so had to eat on the cheap. York Steak House used to have a restaurant directory available on the serving line. I kept one in the glove department in my car. It made it possible to get a square meal in a strange city for only a few dollars more than fast food. It was a chain owned by a big outfit, so there was less risk of getting sick from the food.

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                                                          RE: york steak house Sun, 12/10/06 12:27 PM (permalink)
                                                          When I was young my parents would take me to the York Steakhouse in Quincy IL. Every Saturday and I loved to get their fish. Can anyone tell me what type of fish was in the “baked fish” and what the sauce was? I know the sauce was some sort of lemon & butter.

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                                                            RE: york steak house Sun, 12/10/06 12:36 PM (permalink)
                                                            Originally posted by ocean_front_view

                                                            When I was young my parents would take me to the York Steakhouse in Quincy IL. Every Saturday and I loved to get their fish. Can anyone tell me what type of fish was in the “baked fish” and what the sauce was? I know the sauce was some sort of lemon & butter.

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