Arnold's in Nashville

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Arnold's in Nashville - Mon, 12/6/04 10:41 PM
Several friends and I had lunch today at Arnold's, one of Nashville's premier meat-and-three restaurants. I heard nothing but positive remarks about the green beans, pintos, mac-n-cheese, greens, fried chicken and roast beef. The only complaint was that a chicken quarter, leg and thigh, was too large. Go figure!
I would rate Arnold's as being in the same league as Swett's, Monell's and Sylvan Park. BTW, the new Sylvan Park location on 8th, is NOT as good as the original.

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RE: Arnold's in Nashville - Tue, 12/7/04 12:54 AM
Where in Nashville is this located?

Art Deco
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RE: Arnold's in Nashville - Wed, 12/8/04 10:58 AM
I agree with Pete's assessment - Swett's, Arnold's & Sylvan Park are my top three. Note that Arnold's is lunch only and they don't have fried chicken every day. Several of my co-workers drive 20 minutes to eat lunch there once a week or so. Arnold's is downtown at 605 8th Ave S