Allison's Catfish

Fire Safety Admin
2003/05/12 07:39:44
just off hwy 321 between Maryville, TN and Lenoir City is one of the most beautiful settings for a restaurant you can imagine. It is a combination catfish farm and restaurant. Unfortunately it is open only 5-9PM Friday and Saturday. It is a pretty restaurant surrounded by very pretty ponds and wildlife.
I want to visit it and I was hoping someone could give me a heads up before I go. I hope Bumper reads this as I know he lives in the area.

Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Allison's Catfish 2005/09/12 09:30:06
I returned to Allison's Catfish for the third time this past week end. It is a super find. The catfish is always super and their pies are wonderful.

It is a little difficult to find but worth the effort. It is amazing how much business they do being open only four hours on Friday and four hours on Saturday and closed the rest of the week.

The restaurant sits on about ten acres and is beautiful with huge water falls, lakes, running streams, bridges, log cabins and the food is wonderful.

Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN
Junior Burger
RE: Allison's Catfish 2006/09/01 00:05:07
the power of good food
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RE: Allison's Catfish 2006/09/01 05:09:15
Paul, This sounds like quite the spot. Years ago while living in Va. I use to frequent a small diner/marina that catered to the commercial oyster men. This spot was really tucked away on an inland water way and known only to the locals. The food was very good and the setting was incredible. You could sit there and look out at all the skipjacks tied up while eating a large plate of fried oysters with hush puppies and slaw, and the beer of choice there was Schaffer. On a visit there last year I tryed to find it again but it wasn't to be. Chow Jim