ISO Help with my Candy Business

Junior Burger
2005/08/06 19:36:36
Hi everyone, I am new here and trying to get some information to help me branch out my home based hand made gourmet chocolate candy business. My question is, can anyone tell me the best way to reach the most people with my venture? I have been doing this for several years only at Christmas and now I want to make my candy full time. I look forward to your reply. Hugs...Ms. Wrenie
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: ISO Help with my Candy Business 2005/08/07 23:59:41
Just saw a teaser for a show on the Food Network that's right up your alley. This Tuesday at 9:30 PM EDT.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: ISO Help with my Candy Business 2005/08/08 07:57:35
Hello ms.wrenie,
I am just throwing gum against the wall to see if it sticks...
-the easy thing to try is your own website..costs and how many people will find you is hard for me to determine
-network with other small home based candy makers and pool your resources
-find a local manager of a store or a chain (doubt if chain manager can allow you to do it) and have them offer your product
-contact your state representative and ask what programs the feds and state have to help you set up business
-contact a local college or university...often their economical depts. have programs to help local business or perhaps you could contract with their food service to provide treats for special functions and events, just a start, but every dime in the kitty feeds the cat
-contact local charities, churches, etc. and offer them candies for fund-raising
you can think big and keep it simple, or think simple and let it grow big.
I'm sorry I haven't got a magic bullet, just a few ideas in a few seconds.
Take care, and prosper
Stephen Rushmore Jr.
Fire Safety Admin
RE: ISO Help with my Candy Business 2005/08/08 08:19:04
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