New York City Chili

Filet Mignon
2005/08/16 22:52:32
Just thinkin' - I can't recall ever having chili in NYC nor seeing on the menu. And only rarely have I had it at home or in friend's homes? (of course maybe I go to the wrong restaurants or friends).I do remember a good "chili house" in Greenwich Village, called Manhattan Chili Comoany, but they closed a few years ago.
So I ask you: has anyone ever ordered chili in NYC? Where? How was it?
Double Cheeseburger
RE: New York City Chili 2005/08/17 00:04:43
You need to check out the Cowgirl Hall of Fame in the West Village (on Hudson Street, if I remember). The decor is a hoot; kitsch to the max, but the menu is pretty good, filled with Southwest favorites. They will serve you Frito pie (chili poured on top of Fritos in the bag), or, if you like, just serve the chili in a bowl. It actually is tasty.
Filet Mignon
RE: New York City Chili 2005/08/17 00:53:40
Hey, I forgot that place! When my daughter when in nursery school, the parent of one of the owners was in her class. They have a branch in Santa Fe, I think. But I still wonder if chili is at all typical in NYC the way it seems to be in most other places, or only in "specialty" restaurants....
Double Cheeseburger
RE: New York City Chili 2005/08/17 03:21:51
Doubt if it really is a menu staple anywhere else in NYC besides some of the ersatz barbecue places (oops! Don't mean to offend Dinosaur BBQ and its ilk, because that is NOT what I am referring to)...I've seen it on the menu of a number of the diners in the city, but I have never had the courage to order it in these places...always felt that it would assuredly come from a can.
Double Cheeseburger
RE: New York City Chili 2005/08/17 07:55:37
You can also go to Daisy May's for a bowl of Texas Red.

Of real note is that they have street carts. I hear there a few 'uptown' but the one I am familiar with is on Wall Street near the NYSE. You can sit on the steps of Federal Hall, eat your Texas Red and watch the tourists having their picture taken standing next to the NYC Finest wearing full combat gear and carrying automatic weapons. Just don't share any of your Chili with the bomb sniffing dogs.
Double Cheeseburger
RE: New York City Chili 2005/08/17 08:10:49
I've been meaning to try Daisy May's but, beyond that, no, I've never had a distinctive bowl of chili in NYC. There was even a chili-specializing restaurant in the base of the Ed Sullivan Theater (Manhattan Chili Company, I believe) but it wasn't any good, and closed a while ago.
Junior Burger
RE: New York City Chili 2005/08/24 16:28:42
Pearson's chili (LIC & Jacson Heights only) was great, but now that it's The Ranger, it's watered down--still pretty good, however.
Mike R
Junior Burger
RE: New York City Chili 2006/08/14 13:29:20
Try Kat'z Deli in NYC. One of THE best Chili's in NYC.Also try some diners in your local areas... You might be pleasntly surprised.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: New York City Chili 2006/08/16 13:39:49
I have only ordered it about 3 times in NYC, each time it was with smothered with onions, cheddar and sour cream.
Jackson Hole on 3rd Ave is great.