Katrina-affect on price and quality of food

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2005/09/04 05:26:03
This may seem stupid, but how will the hurricane affect the price, quality, and supply of foods, like tomatoes, lettuce, etc..
RE: Katrina-affect on price and quality of food 2005/09/04 08:41:54
Well between it and the gas prices you cant count on everything going way up.I was talking to a friend of mine that runs a bbq business and he told me his 4.00 sandwich will soon go to 5-6 if this keeps up.
RE: Katrina-affect on price and quality of food 2005/09/05 01:00:05
I dont see quality of food being affected... Fresh food comes from fresh crops.. If it was later in the fall or winter, it would be worse off.. Considering alot of the crops come from the south during the winter months (though up here in Michigan it really tastes like crap) there's transport costs involved. Right now, it's pretty much local crops.. Another month or two, there will be the extra cost of farmers fuel, trucking company costs, and the guy or two inbetween thats going to make an extra buck gouging costs... Thats why I always told my freinds, if you have a backyard, get rid of the lawn and make it into a garden. Can the stuff and save... I just placed my seed order for next year.. I can see someone going nuts and charging more due to increased demand (seed wise)... That and before the Postal Service raises their rates due to gas costs..
RE: Katrina-affect on price and quality of food 2005/09/15 00:05:18
Just came across this story on Indystar that mentions not only restaurants being hit, but also about food (mainly imports) http://www.indystar.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20050914/ENTERTAINMENT02/509140354