Deep-fried Moon Pie!

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Vince Macek
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Deep-fried Moon Pie! - Tue, 09/20/05 5:46 PM
This delicacy was a featured item at this years' Labor Day Drive-Invasion at the Starlite Six Drive-In Theater here in Atlanta, GA. The corn dog concession was cooking them up and I bit. Actually pretty good; not as sweet as I anticipated. I passed it around my group, as it would have been a bit much for one person to finish off. What with the 2 nights of B-movies, the Dixie-Fried hot rod show, and the rip-roaring bands, this snack was the essence of the event.

Darn good corn dogs too.

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RE: Deep-fried Moon Pie! - Tue, 09/20/05 6:49 PM
I was weaned on Moon Pies Still hate them. Maybe fried though.
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RE: Deep-fried Moon Pie! - Tue, 09/20/05 7:00 PM
I've had fried Twinkees. They were surprisingly good.

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RE: Deep-fried Moon Pie! - Sat, 10/29/05 9:54 AM
I didn't care for the deep friend Twinkees as much as I did the deep friend Oreos. Not sure about the deep fried Moon Pies!
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I've had fried Twinkees. They were surprisingly good.

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RE: Deep-fried Moon Pie! - Tue, 11/15/05 11:02 AM
Fried Moon Pies sound awesome! Maybe that's because I came from Tennessee. But the best fried dessert I ever had was fried cheesecake, at the Frederick, MD county fair. I think it must have been frozen first, then cut in wedges and wrapped in tortillas and deep fried, then rolled in cinnamon sugar. If they hadn't been $4 each I probably would have OD'd on them.

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RE: Deep-fried Moon Pie! - Tue, 11/15/05 12:01 PM
At BASF, we don't make the foods you buy...we make the foods you buy, better.