Canter's Deli - Fairfax District (Hollywood)

Junior Burger
2003/06/09 17:08:15
How come I don't see any comment's or current review's for Canters on Fairfax Ave in Hollywood. We only had a chance to stop in for desserts at the bakery, but Oh My what a treat that is!

Last time we had lunch there was June 2000, so the memory has faded. But we did see a writer's conference going on in one room - probably a show's staff from CBS Television City down the street. Neat experience!

RE: Canter's Deli - Fairfax District (Hollywood) 2003/06/09 19:27:29
cantors is ok but if you check the menu every comedians name and all the sandwiches are named after dead or near dead comics. jack benny and george burns used to eat lunch there every day and that was many years ago.even on its best day cantors doesnt compare to the carnegie deli in the apple
Junior Burger
RE: Canter's Deli - Fairfax District (Hollywood) 2003/06/10 12:27:19
I've heard more about Canter's from other foodies in the Freeway Food topic. Sounds like its reputation may be deserved, even tho we've had good food there twice. The dead comics aren't just historical references - I still appreciate how they tie together the past glories of the district (one of Television's cultural center's) with the present. Here in Denver DeliTech imports Carnegie meats (and other goodies I think). It is gooooood! rt