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mayor al
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2003/03/05 10:04:50
When traveling I-64 in Central Kentucky don't pass up the chance to stop at Claudia Saunders Chicken Resturant on Rt.60 just west of Shelbyville. Yes this is Mrs. Colonel Saunders. While the Colonel was busy establishing his chicken empire, his wife was operating a 'step-above' kind of establishment after their move from their initial location near Corbin, KY. The place burned down in 1999, and has been totally rebuilt into a beautiful informal dining facility. This is not a 'chicken stand' by any means. It reminds me of what Walter Knott had built at the famous Berry Farm in SoCal, before the urban blight crushed it. Mrs. Saunders is a genteel place, with lots of beautiful "horsefarm" art work on the walls, and a nice fire warming the place in the main dining room. service has been super, and the menu (Lunch and Dinner only) has several chicken and country ham entree's. Prices are in the $6-12 range. Side dishes include the usual baked apples, some really good Harvardized Beets and Corn Pudding.
We are headed back there this weekend and will attempt to get some decent photos to put with a review. Meantime, for a great sit-down fried chicken dinner and comfortable facility, try this one.
Michael Stern
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RE: Related to BUT Not The Colonel 2003/03/06 20:31:49
Oh, please to go to Claudia Sanders and post a review. We were there at least ten years ago and really liked it, but haven't been back since it was rebuilt. We'd love to know what it's like now. I seem to remember loving the corn pudding.
mayor al
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RE: Related to BUT Not The Colonel 2003/03/09 19:14:58
OK-- Claudia Saunders Dinner House--ADD, I am hoping this will be the copy for a regular review of the resturant. I have posted 4 photos ( I think they are posted) we went out to the Dinner House today ( Sunday) and found that in addition to the regular menu they have a Sunday Buffet serving both Prime Rib and Country Ham. Price includes dinner, dessert,and beverage at $14.95. Regular menu dinners run in the $7.00 to $11.00 range. The newly rebuilt facitiy has four very nicely decorated and comfortable dining rooms, plus a full-bar and lounge on the second floor. The service has been outstanding on each of our last three visits, with friendly help always willing to insure you have everything you wish as quickly as they can 'Fetch' it. Situated just off I-64 between Louisville and Lexington, in the midst of some beautiful Horse Farms, this is a nice place to relax for dinner.
mayor al
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RE: Related to BUT Not The Colonel 2003/03/29 14:17:20
OK,OK. I must apologize for my mis-spelling of The Sander's last name. I have relatives who have the "U" in their name, and out of habit I included it in my post here, and thruout the review I wrote of the place. It doesn't affect the results, but I do owe it to the establishment to correct my error. It is the CLAUDIA SANDERS DINNER HOUSE !!!
I would blame age and 32 years of teaching, but it is more fun to blame in-laws!
Stephen Rushmore Jr.
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RE: Related to BUT Not The Colonel 2003/03/29 14:33:40
Al, I would also like an apology because I had to change the name in about 20 places where you submitted the content BTW, I am a horrible speller myself.
mayor al
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RE: Related to BUT Not The Colonel 2003/03/29 15:09:26
I do owe you one for your efforts. I will make it a SHINER'S at some future time!! I think the heady atmosphere up here in "HAMBURGER" country has messed up my memory. Did you see that we passed 1000 hits on the Bad Beer Topic! Is that a first?
Stephen Rushmore Jr.
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RE: Related to BUT Not The Colonel 2003/03/29 16:18:14
Al, I did notice that. You get the award for starting the most popular topic on Roadfood! Another 35 posts and you will be an even higher ranking. Now get busy!
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RE: Related to BUT Not The Colonel 2003/04/22 19:20:37
Many thanks to Michael and "The Mayor". I drove to Indy from Knoxville and back over the past couple of days. Claudia Sanders got such good marks from Michale and "The Mayor", I had to stop. One of the best stops ever. Neat setting with all the art. I had fried chicken, corn pudding and beets along with some other goodies. I stopped on the way back from Indy. I even endured the construction traffic in southern Indiana to visit this place. It was worth it. What a treat. After I left, I had a hard time driving the next 100 miles and withstood road hypnosis. I stopped the car twice and walked around. Weather was a little cool and it helped.

Paul E. Smith
RE: Related to BUT Not The Colonel 2003/04/29 22:46:32
Thanks for the suggestion,
Had Easter Sunday dinner at the Dinner house and was very pleased.
They must of severed a few thousand that day, and I recommend the
Creamed Spinach, but the Stewed Tomatoes were really good too ... Seems the vegetables were the most cherished items on the Sunday Buffet Line.
We were stuffed.
RE: Related to BUT Not The Colonel 2003/07/09 00:18:28
I've been as recently as 1999 (before the fire, though) and was very impressed by their vegetables. I loved their Harvard Beets and Mock Oysters, the latter made from ritz crackers and eggplant, I believe. Their fried chicken is very similar to KFC Original Recipe, in that the skin is not very crispy, and the meat is falling off the bone tender. But the taste, you will all be glad to know, is far superior in every way. And don't neglect those yeast rolls - oversized, airy, hot, and shiny-glazed, with just the right amount of sweetness. The yeast rolls may be an only on Sunday offering, but they have good biscuits and cornbread all other days.

Pigface - you mentioned "Sunday Buffet Line". When I was last there, it was all you can eat on Sundays and every day, but there was no buffet - they just kept wheeling more food out for you on carts. Has that policy changed after the fire and do you now go up to get food for yourself?
mayor al
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RE: Related to BUT Not The Colonel 2003/07/09 07:44:48
On Sunday's you can order off the menu, or have a buffet in the traditional sense. They have Fried Chicken, Prime Rib (not Roast Round), Turkey and Ham on the Buffet. Plus all the side dishes and desserts that are normally served during the week. As of last month this was $14.95
The normal menu includes a couple of 'Family Style' dinners....Fried Chicken or Chicken Liver's or a combo of both. These are served as described in KANGO's post. They wheel a cart out and serve all the veggies and chicken you care to devour for as long as you can stand it. (12.95 last week) Then for the mortal's among us there are Chicken, steaks, chops, fish, and sandwiches in their usual price range.
We get out to Shelbyville about once a month and have yet to be disappointed.
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Related to BUT Not The Colonel 2003/11/12 20:14:53
I drove back from Indianapolis to Knoxville today and I stopped for lunch at Claudia Sanders around 2:00PM. Just in time as it was in the middle of a thunderstorm. While I was there, it was continous thunder and lightning. The place was almost vacant for such a huge complex. 24,000 square feet of a beautifuly laid out place. I had my boss with me and he was impressed.

I had the combination fried chicken and country ham. The fried chicken reminded me of the traditional fried chicken from KFC, wonder why??? and the country ham was on a great bisquit. The ham was thinly sliced and the bisquits were very tasty. I only tasted them as I am still on the Atkins thing. What I was more impressed with was the veggies. The zuchinni (they called it oyster something) was super and the green beans were the best I had ever had.

Service was super, the place was beautiful and huge. I would go back with my family.

After I left there, I drove for the next two hours in the worst thundrstorm I have driven in forever. CNSS?? I normally drive from Indy to Knoxville in 5 1/2 hours. Took me 8. Wore my elder A-- out.

Claudia Sanders was very good. Sorry that due to Atkins I could not do dessert.

Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN
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RE: Related to BUT Not The Colonel 2003/11/12 22:02:38
Thanks, Sundancer, for the review!

Next Summer, on my way to freeload off CheeseWit for a couple of days, I plan to have Mr. Mayor buy me dinner at Claudia Saunders. On my way back, I'll expect you to take me to that Apple Barn you've talked about.

BTW, for anyone who wants to buy me a meal on the way; just email me and I'll try to work you into my schedule.