Olallieberry Pie

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Olallieberry Pie - Tue, 02/21/06 2:35 PM
Is this strictly a california thing? Anyway it's 2/3 blackberry and 1/3 raspberry, and 3/3 AMAZING! Beats all other berry pies, hands down. Does anyone know where to find a good one? It can be hard to find the berries sometimes, unless you know someone who grows them or find an especially savvy store. Besides the ones made by my aunt, the best ones i've had came from steven's farmhouse, a little place on the west side of hwy 99, in between sacramento and yuba city.

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RE: Olallieberry Pie - Tue, 02/21/06 2:46 PM

We have seen them up in the Portland OR area too, but they do seem to be a West Coast Berry.

POLLY's in Orange County and near a couple of the Beach towns near there have a great berry pie. I never can pronounce the name correctly but I do believe the spelling you did is correct OLALLIEBERRY. I rate it right up on top with the Boysenberry for flavor, size and appearance! Marie Callendar's makes a Razzleberry pie that approaches the flavor but not the appearance. I think Ed Sailes knows some of the Polly's Locations other than the one near where my Mom used to live in Laguna Hills.
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RE: Olallieberry Pie - Tue, 02/21/06 2:54 PM
I remember having mixed berry pies in Maine as a kid. In berry season people would make whatever. Heavy on the balckberry, lighter on the raspberry was my favorite, but it didn't have a name.

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RE: Olallieberry Pie - Tue, 02/21/06 3:00 PM
When I worked at Marie Callender's in high school I remember them having Ollalieberry pie, but it was for a very short season... maybe for only a month or so out of the whole year. We would always sell out.

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RE: Olallieberry Pie - Tue, 02/21/06 3:34 PM
One of the best Olallieberry pies in this universe is at DUARTES in Pescadero CA. Simply out of this world.

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RE: Olallieberry Pie - Tue, 02/21/06 3:42 PM
All is know about Ollalie berry is the jam I get from Misty Meadows in Bandon, Oregon. I assumed it was a unique-to-Oregon thing. Yum! Gonna have to order some online, since I don't have another trip to Oregon schedule in the foreseeable future.