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Re:Favorite Fast Food Menu Items Discontinued 2013/08/27 19:57:23 (permalink)

I just spent some time reading through this thread after stumbling upon it while looking for vintage signs.  The mention of the Yumbo has me wondering if I remember that or not.  I definitely miss the Wendy's Salad Bar.
This probably belongs in another thread, but what I really miss are the old slogans/logos/signs of restaurants:
Wendy's is transitioning away from their "Classic Old Fashioned Hamburgers, Quality is our Recipe" signs to a bland font that simply says, "Wendy's".
Arby's used to have those distinctive huge cowboy hats with blinking lights at night, along with the slogan, "Arby's Roast Beef Sandwich is Delicious".
Kentucky Fried Chicken calls itself KFC, and has removed most of the buckets from it's signage, and no longer uses, the wonderful slogan, "Finger lickin' Good!"
Even McDonald's is downplaying it's Golden Arches on the new stores.  Very bizarre.
It's sad to me, and a big mistake to make such drastic changes to icons like that.  I know younger people are in charge now, and change is inevitable, especially when $ isn't coming in fast enough; but menu tweaks and new advertising strategies seem a better way to go than erasing the face of the brand. 

Good point.
On the flip side of that, I saw a Popeye's commercial last night and it finished with the same "Love that chicken at Popeye's" jingle they've used since as long as I can remember. At least 30 years.

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Re:Favorite Fast Food Menu Items Discontinued 2013/08/27 20:33:33 (permalink)
I probably said this before but too many pages to look through.
I still miss the Gino Giant
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Re:Favorite Fast Food Menu Items Discontinued 2013/08/27 21:11:11 (permalink)
I miss the baked beans at White Tower. Of course, I miss White Tower, too.
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Re:Favorite Fast Food Menu Items Discontinued 2013/08/28 10:03:10 (permalink)
Hardees: the Big Twin
Pizza Hut: our original location in a shopping center in 1980 -- small, intimate.
K-Mart (in Canada): the fish & chips plate (even though there was still a small
bone or two) including the french fries with gravy, veggie & roll -- yum!
Wards:  They did have some good cheeseburgers back in their snack bar in the
early 1970s!
The new McDonald's just opened, but they still kept the golden arches sign from the old 1982 building.
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Re:Favorite Fast Food Menu Items Discontinued 2013/08/29 11:19:20 (permalink)
Look for a new thread on fast food/chain advertising campaigns...
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