Spicy Louisiana / Buffalo style chicken breast.

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Spicy Louisiana / Buffalo style chicken breast. - Fri, 03/31/06 11:53 AM
Some of my familly, unlike me, does not like dark meat. To satisfy my cravings for spicy wings I tried cooking a bone in breast the same way I did the wings. 2 cups hot sauce, 1/2 stick of butter, 2+ lbs. breast w/ skin, bake in coverd dish at 425 for 50 mins or so, turning once. The skin gets sooo hot most of it melts into the juice and adds a great part of the flavor (hey I know, not that healthy but not the same w/ no skin). Now I serve it over white rice. The more juice you put on top, the more spicy it becomes. Even the little kids like it but with just a tiny bit of juice. Although, the older they get, the more juice they want. Lots of ways to do spicy wings or breasts but this is what I do.

Anyone ever seen a hot Buffalo / Louisiana style breast served in a restaurant? I haven't but not sure why. Hot wings are so popular but some folks might want a breast.

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RE: Spicy Louisiana / Buffalo style chicken breast. - Fri, 03/31/06 11:57 AM
I've seen a boneless, skinless chicken breast sandwich served this way. Some are fried, others were grilled.