Mt.Rushmore, S.D.,Madison,Wisc.

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Mt.Rushmore, S.D.,Madison,Wisc. - Mon, 06/23/03 4:40 PM
We will be driving thru So.Dakota,Wisconsin,Illinois and parts of Wyo.and Idaho. We would love to try the real "homey" spots,if there are any-can someone help us?

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RE: Mt.Rushmore, S.D.,Madison,Wisc. - Mon, 06/23/03 4:52 PM
The Black Hills seems to be a popular destination this summer, at least on this board. For a list of recommendations in the area, see the thread on Mount Rushmore elsewhere in this forum.

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RE: Mt.Rushmore, S.D.,Madison,Wisc. - Tue, 06/24/03 8:45 AM
Do you have a route in mind? I-90? US 14?

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RE: Mt.Rushmore, S.D.,Madison,Wisc. - Tue, 06/24/03 11:11 AM
I highly recommend Mickey's Dairy Bar on the east side of Madison, WI for breakfast. For dinner, see if Dotty's Dumpling's Dowry is still around for fantastic burgers, or cruise State Street (which you should wander up and down anyway, just because it's so lovely). I also highly recommend Himal Chuli, a very inexpensive Nepalese restaurant (vegetarian) for lunch or dinner.

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RE: Mt.Rushmore, S.D.,Madison,Wisc. - Thu, 06/26/03 11:21 AM
I wrote in the Hamburger forum about Sioux Sundries, in Harrison Nebraska, on the Wyoming border, also not far from Mt Rushmore/Black Hills. If you go nowhere else on your trip, you must go here. It is the essence of homey, the biggest, and best tasting cheeseburger I've ever had. The town is the only town in a county, twice the size of Rhode Island, with only 1,400 residents. Here is a link to this overlooked masterpiece: