desserts with no milk

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desserts with no milk - Wed, 07/19/06 1:56 PM
My granddaughter is allergic to milk. I am looking for desserts with no milk in the recipe. If you have any please email me a

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RE: desserts with no milk - Thu, 07/20/06 3:36 AM
Heh. I'm Lactose Intolerent...small world isn't it? I do have recipies for non-milk stuffs...just not off the top of my head at the moment. I'll get back to you on it though.

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RE: desserts with no milk - Thu, 07/20/06 4:15 PM
Flourless chocolate cake......semi-sweet chocolate, sugar, eggs, butter, vanilla. Very easy.

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RE: desserts with no milk - Thu, 07/20/06 4:35 PM
Do yourself a google search for Kosher desserts. When meat is on the menu, there can be no dairy in the entire meal, including dessert. This is the reason that I NEVER leave room for dessert at a kosher wedding! The desserts are always sub-par because of the dairy restriction.

An interesting side-story is the history of Robert Rich, the inventor of non-dairy creamer, which is present in practically every Kosher kitchen on earth. Robert Rich passed away earlier this year, leaving behind a net worth of $2.5 billion.