Zaharako's - Columbus, IN ... CLOSED?

Junior Burger
2006/08/04 17:37:29

I visited Zaharko's soda fountain in Columbus, IN today (08/04/2006) and the place was boarded up. If anyone has this place on their culinary roadmap, scratch it off.
RE: Zaharako's - Columbus, IN ... CLOSED? 2006/08/09 12:59:32
I was hoping this news about Zaharako's wasn't true. But I've called several times in the last few days and even though the line hasn't been disconnected, there was no answer. Coupled with the closing of Stone's in Iowa, this has been quite a bad week for classic Roadfood places.

I only made it to Zaharako's once and that was in 2000. I was with a buddy of mine and he had two kids under five. As much as I enjoyed the place, the kids were absolutely dazzled. The only disappointment was that the old time music machine in the back wasn't working that day.
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RE: Zaharako's - Columbus, IN ... CLOSED? 2007/04/01 13:05:49
Sadly the news of Zaharako's being closed is true. In June of 2006 Lew Zaharako passed away after a long battle with heart disease, he will be sorely missed. There is a ray of hope though, A committee has been formed and the proccess is underway to restore and reopen Zaharako's back to it's glory days. The committee is headed up by local bussiness and community leader Hutch Shoemaker, and if anyone can get the place restored and running in the area my money is on him. They have made some progress in the restoration and Hutch hopes to have it opened before Christmas of 2007.
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RE: Zaharako's - Columbus, IN ... CLOSED? 2007/04/15 21:48:28
The plan is to reopen Zaharako's in time for the 2007 Christmas Season. A lot of people are working hard to reach this goal. The Arts Council fundraiser is even auctioning off the opportunity to be the first in line for the Grand Re-opening!
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RE: Zaharako's - Columbus, IN ... CLOSED? 2007/04/15 21:55:36
Thanks for the update. Please post any additional info as it becomes available. Thanks Again.
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RE: Zaharako's - Columbus, IN ... CLOSED? 2007/07/04 22:30:43
I posted updates in another thread that was started by the board operators when I emailed them. :)
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RE: Zaharako's - Columbus, IN ... CLOSED? 2009/06/13 10:08:19
It is open again. See the other thread.