We love Mr. Shane's

Michael Stern
Double Chili Cheeseburger
2003/02/26 04:58:16
We've yet to post a review of the place (because we're always too busy eating to take notes and pictures), but we were at Mr. Shane's Ice Cream shop in Ridgefield, Connecticut, the other day, and were reminded just how excellent this ice cream is: creamy-rich beyond belief; and the toasted coconut flavored ice cream (with fudge sauce on it) is edible Nirvana.
Junior Burger
RE: We love Mr. Shane's 2003/03/17 14:37:48
I am crazy about ice cream, and even have something like a top 10 wishlist of ice cream parlors (I'll be adding the other entries from this forum), but I am so lucky to have Graeter's in Lexington. The store was founded in Cincinnati and is still based there, but they have extended their reach to Columbus, Ohio, and Lexington, Ky. Unlike most chocolate chips which crunch, Graeter's chips actually have some "give" in them...double chocolate chip with bittersweet "chips" (they're too big to truly call chips) is amazing.

There's another place that ranks highly with me--Paolo's Gelato in Atlanta's Highlands neighborhood. Paolo was born in Italy and has a way with dairy! Some of his flavors include violet, chocolate rum, kiwi, zabaglione (my personal favorite), jasmine, cannoli cream, etc. Here's his web site: http://www.paolosgelato.com/. More expensive than most "ice cream" but sooooo good! And he serves it with much personality.
Michael Stern
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: We love Mr. Shane's 2003/03/17 14:39:39
Roger on Graeter's. I seem to remember that they make their chocolate chip ice creams differently, actually pouring molten chocolate into the semi-frozen cream, then breaking it up as it hardens. That's why the chips are all different sizes and shapes ... and maybe why they have that "give."
Junior Burger
RE: We love Mr. Shane's 2003/07/31 21:43:15
I am also a major fan of Mr. Shane's, particularly their toasted coconut. Not far away, though, on White Street in Danbury, CT is the surprising Double Twister. This place looks like a dive set next to a parking lot. There's just one (uncomfortable) bench in the place, but who cares with such good ice cream? Not the local devotees, obviously! It's always packed on summer nights. Brazilians seem to love their sweet corn (!) flavor. I am partial to their hazelnut and its relatives, Baci, w/bittersweet flakes etc. It's hard to choose among Dr. Mike's, Mr. Shane's, our local Wilton gelato, and Double Twister, but each has its merits.