Seafood Sauce

Junior Burger
2006/10/18 12:44:08
Don't know if anyone ever had the pleasure to dine at a seafood restaurant in Rocky Mount, North Carolina called The Atlantis, but if was one fantastic place to eat. They opened in the late 1960s and served fresh seafood brought in daily from Morehead City, NC. They had a raw bar that was "U" shaped and you could order steamed shrimp, steamed oysters, oysters on the half shell and I believe steamed clams. They had the nicest guys who were stand behind the bar and peel your shrimp and/or shuck your oysters. They also had a fabulous menu of fried and broiled seafood, out-of-this-world clam chowder, and the best hushpuppies on the face of the earth. Unfortunately, they closed their doors last year. In addition to everything thing else, they served, the cocktail (or hot sauce I believe they called it) that they served with the steamed shrimp was the best I have ever had. It was served warm along with melted butter. It was a known fact that the receipe for the sauce was a secret and the guy who made it, came in once a week and worked behind a locked door.

I was just wondering if anyone else out there ever dined there and if anyone had any clue as to what was in that fabulous seafood sauce.

Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
RE: Seafood Sauce 2006/10/18 12:56:47
For steamed shrimp I just mix up some catsup and horseradish, adding horseradish till my head sweats when I taste it, and then I squeeze some lemon juice into it.
RE: Seafood Sauce 2006/10/18 13:30:08
Describe the sauce. There is a place here that serves a great Cocktail/hot sauce with steamed shrimp. It may be similar but need more detail.
Junior Burger
RE: Seafood Sauce 2006/10/18 13:49:10
It was much thiner than most cocktail sauces made from chili sauce, horseradish, lemon. The consistency was very smooth. It wasn't bright red and I think it may have had Heinz 57 sauce in it because it was just about that color and in trying to figure out the ingredients, I think you could sort of taste Heinz 57. It wasn't sweet, firey hot but just really pungent and delicious.

I have tried so many times to make something close but have never succeeded.
RE: Seafood Sauce 2006/10/18 14:15:54
Can't help you. Sorry.
Junior Burger
RE: Seafood Sauce 2006/10/18 15:39:10
Hey Coastal Southern- to what place are you referring? Might like to try it sometime. Thanks.
RE: Seafood Sauce 2006/10/23 11:29:53
"The Rah Bar" on Jekyll Island. Its out on the dock by the Jekyll Island Club hotel. The best Sunsets around.

They have this sauce (not cocktail at all) they serve with their boiled shrimp that is out of this world. I have my theory on what i think it is, but you try it and let me know what you think.
RE: Seafood Sauce 2006/10/25 16:13:52
Any discriptions of these sauces might help to come up with a close copy cat recipe. Yall peaked my inerest.