Beef Enhciladas

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Beef Enhciladas - Tue, 02/20/07 12:53 PM
I am making a batch of red enchilada sauce right now and I was wondering,What is the secret to getting the hamburger meat so fine as they do at my favorite Mexican Restaurant?I once heard something about soaking the meat in ice water or to that extent.Does anybody know?

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RE: Beef Enhciladas - Tue, 02/20/07 1:12 PM
Thats what I do for my hot dog chili sauce. Place the ground beef in cold water and referigerate for 30 minutes. Drain well then brown. (Whatever water is left in the beef will cook off). Burger comes out ultra fine!
The other trick is add a cup or two of water when cooking the beef, but ends up more of a fine 'boiled' then browned result. But either one should work if your going to hide it in sauce.

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RE: Beef Enhciladas - Wed, 02/21/07 5:02 PM
Also what has worked for me is to cook it on low heat as it browns, and to work it with a wooden spoon or a fork to break up the "chunks."

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RE: Beef Enhciladas - Wed, 02/21/07 11:37 PM
The easiest way I have found is to first cook it with some water. When done,drain it, and put small amounts at a time in your food processor and use the "pulse" button until it's ground to the desired consistency.