Raynor's Fried Chicken

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PAUL Schneider
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Raynor's Fried Chicken - Sun, 03/4/07 11:37 AM
Hello all:
I'm on a quest that has lasted over twenty years. I'm trying to find the kind of extra crispy fried chicken that was served at Raynor's Chicken Cabin of Baldwin Long Island (NY). The restaurant was locate on Sunrise Hwy. The chicken was extraordinarily crispy and crunchy on the outside and amazingly moist and flavorful on the inside.
Does anyone know of this restaurant and of any existing restauarant that serves this style of chicken?

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RE: Raynor's Fried Chicken - Sun, 03/4/07 2:51 PM
I can't direct you to a place that serves similar quality fried chicken (I've long since moved out of the area), but I used to go to Raynor's all the time as a kid growing up in Merrick. I moved when I was eight in the summer of 1992. The fried chicken and the biscuts were awesome, haven't had anything since that would compare. What ever happened to Raynor's?

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RE: Raynor's Fried Chicken - Sun, 03/11/07 11:43 AM
For a while in the 80's, I think, they expanded to the north shore. The opened a place across from Al Dowd's in Centerport. It didn't last long; but then again, Al Dowd's is gone too.

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RE: Raynor's Fried Chicken - Sun, 03/11/07 1:51 PM
Originally posted by Jack Barry

What ever happened to Raynor's?
It's now an Ayhann's Shish Kebab...