ShopRite ice cream? help!

Junior Burger
2007/04/07 22:39:59
This is making me crazy: Does anyone remember the name of the ShopRite grocery chain's store brand of ice cream circa 1970? It was bad-nasty ice cream, but it's still annoying that I can't remember the name of it.
RE: ShopRite ice cream? help! 2007/04/08 10:16:35
I don't think ShopRite had another name for their stuff. It was just ShopRite.
Junior Burger
RE: ShopRite ice cream? help! 2007/04/08 11:04:03
Thanks for replying, and sorry but they definitely did, at least where we lived (my husband and I, in different counties in NJ). It might not even have had the ShopRite logo on the carton, but it was the house brand. It was two words and they both started with the same letter, possibly C, and the name didn't obviously have anything to do with ice cream. The background of the box was always rows of scoops of ice cream, colored differently depending on what the flavor was. -- I realize I may have to contact Wakefern to find out.
Junior Burger
RE: ShopRite ice cream? help! 2007/04/09 00:59:34
Never mind, I finally remembered it: Flavor King.