Un-holiday cookies

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Un-holiday cookies - Sun, 04/15/07 11:50 AM
It seems as if many people make lots of cookies during the Christmas season but few during the rest of the year.

For those of you who make homemade cookies for the holidays, do you make them throughout the year too?

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RE: Un-holiday cookies - Sun, 04/15/07 1:55 PM
Yup, but not nearly as much as at Christmas. And we don't use Christmas cookie recipes, we explore for different kinds. No snickerdoodles, sugar cookies, etc. New stuff.

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RE: Un-holiday cookies - Sun, 04/15/07 2:47 PM
A great "un-holiday" cooky...Southern teacakes .

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RE: Un-holiday cookies - Thu, 04/19/07 1:04 PM
...i bake cookies year 'round, but i have a bad habit of testing out new recipes on the unsuspecting recipients of my christmas goodies! (haven't gotten any complaints yet, just a few raised eyebrows at the maple cookies that everyone said "tasted like eating pancakes"!)

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RE: Un-holiday cookies - Thu, 04/19/07 2:19 PM
My holiday cookies are sugar, and tea cakes, peanut butter with kisses and other foo foo cookies

my unholiday cookies are the snickerdoodles, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin

The kind mom always had in the cookie jar, when I got home from school and grabbed a handful out of the jar and a glass of milk, then run off to the living room to watch Tom & Jerry, & Gilligan's Island.

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RE: Un-holiday cookies - Thu, 04/19/07 7:11 PM
I'm always whipping up oatmeal cookies. Oatmeal cookies with
raisins or
dried cranberry or
dried cherrys or
dried currants or
dried blueberries or
pistachios or
ground up almonds or
chocolate chips or
white chocolate chips or
coffee or
citron or
plain or
2 or 3 of above mixed up.
Always with vanilla and cinnamon!
eggs, flour,butter, brown sugar, really gourmet type flavor.

Use your basic oatmeal cookie recipe located on the inside top of the old fashioned oatmeal cookie box and add to it.

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RE: Un-holiday cookies - Tue, 05/1/07 6:05 PM
I was making chocolate chip cookies with pecans and freezing them in zip loc bags. I actually prefer eating them cold, but just had to stop for a while.

I don't make special cookies for Christmas, but this past year with my brother visiting, I made his favorite - coconut macaroons.

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RE: Un-holiday cookies - Tue, 05/1/07 6:20 PM
I loooove cookies and make a batch just about every week. Holiday cookies are usually fancy shaped or cut-out cookies. For everyday I usually make Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate crinkles, Chocolate chip, Butterscotch Pecan, Almond or Coconut shortbread rounds. Just simple drop cookies, but homemade are so much better than store-bought. It is always comforting to have some ready to offer friends and neighbors. How about we share recipes?


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RE: Un-holiday cookies - Tue, 05/1/07 6:27 PM
The cookies I make for Christmas aren't necessarily "Christmasy," but I make so many batches at that time of year that I get sick of making them until the next year. So if I decide to make them during another time of the year, my kids always proclaim that the kitchen smells like Christmas.

Among my non-Christmas cookies are "No-bake" chocolate oatmeal cookies (these are great when it's warm out, since you don't use the oven), double peanut butter, and cream cheese or peanut butter brownies.

Although they aren't cookies, I like to make chocolate-dipped strawberries once in a while. They make a great after-school treat.