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KILLER YARDBIRD - Fri, 06/15/07 2:27 AM
i took 2 whole frying chickens(big ones) butterflied them put a heavy rub on them like you would do for ribs and briskett....cooked them on indirect heat for 2hrs approx. 240 to 275 degrees(bone side down) then flipped them over on low direct heat for 2o min to crisp up skin....then pulled them and covered them for 30 minute letting rest and get happy.......
awesum is all i can say this was my first time doing chicken like i do my ribs and stuff.........
i wish i could of took pics but my 5 yr old threw my $500. camera in the fish tank .....he said his goldfish wanted to take pictures.....OMG BUT WTF......
if anyone else has done this before give me some pointers or try it and let me know what you came up with all as for the rub alot of heat then at least a 1/3 bag of brown suger well probally a little less....i never measure just go with the mood........
bye for now