portabello appetizer

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portabello appetizer - Mon, 07/9/07 7:28 PM
Actually it's more of a meal. Had this at an NJ boardwlk restaurant and the appetizer and a salad would have made a meal. Easy to make, nothing exotic and can be switched up many ways.

Basically a grilled portabello mushroom (no stem). A THIN piece of grilled chicken. I like to pound tenders. Can marinate chicken if ya want. Literally only takes about 2 minutes on each side with a HOT grill. Big slab of roasted red pepper... jarred is fine. A big slab of mozzarella cheese. When everything's done, stack in no particular order. I like to NOT put the cheese on top so it doesn't all ooze out. You could add onions... change "meat". I think a really quickly seared slice of tuna steak would be nice. Maybe "medallions" of beef/pork tenderloin pounded out a bit. None of these meats would take more than a few minutes.

It's a plateful!