Hot!Chocolate Milkshake Candy Bar

Junior Burger
2007/07/30 23:40:14
Does any one know what company made the chocolate milkshake bar? i'm trying to see if i can get them brought back on the market. If I am able to find out california candy company specializes in bringing back old favorites and maybe they can get the recipie
RE: Chocolate Milkshake Candy Bar 2007/07/31 13:34:36
Milkshake was made by Hollywood Brands, the same company that made the Zero bar. Zero bars are now made by Hershey, and I'm pretty sure the Milkshake (along with Hollywood Brands) is no longer made.

I can't remember for sure, but I think the milkshake was like the Zero, except it didn't have nuts (and maybe no caramel) and it was obviously chocolate coated and not white coated.

Zeros rule

Junior Burger
RE: Chocolate Milkshake Candy Bar 2007/07/31 14:24:28
I'm with you kisscat69. Milkshake will always be my #1 candy bar. Sadly I haven't seen one in years. I think KOK is correct about Hollywood being defunct.
RE: Chocolate Milkshake Candy Bar 2007/07/31 19:21:21
Milkshake candy bar! thanks kisscat - what a great memory rush that brought back to me...summers at the community pool when i was a little kid, the smell of chlorine and suntan lotion, and a frozen Milkshake bar from the concession stand!
RE: Chocolate Milkshake Candy Bar 2007/07/31 22:07:18
I used to work the snack counter during basketball games at Jr. High and I stocked the candy counter. We had all the Hollywood Candy Co bars for on display. Back then all full size candy bars were still only a nickel. They went up to ten cents a few years later. We purchased them by the case enough for the entire school year sport season and I remember the cases indicating they were mfg. by "Hollywood Brands" in Centralia, IL

There were 4 different nickel bars but I can only for sure remember 3 of them.
They were:
"Milkshake" (their version of "Milky Way")
"Zero" (didnt care for them at the time)
"Big Time" - My personal favorite (a Milkshake with peanuts - similar to "Snickers
I thought the 4th one was actually the "Payday" (or another name of bar made to copy it). Does anyone else remember differently?)

We stocked them because all these bars cost us 10 to 20% less than those bars from "Mars Candies" and they were probably 10 to 20% larger by weight. We did make an exception and carried 3 Musketeers because the were preceived as the biggest bar around.

I personally liked the textures of the fillings and the chocolat coating which wasnt as oily and it didnt melt but rather has a more grainy texture overall much like the Zero bars of today. Too bad Hershey didnt decide to buy all the recipes and make them all today. I didnt care for Zero's back then but now that the others are gone it still comes closest to matching the overall taste appeal of Hollywood Bars.

By the way, we also sold lots of 10oz bottles of all the Nehi fruit flavors Orange, Grape, and Red Cherry.
RE: Chocolate Milkshake Candy Bar 2007/07/31 22:18:18
Interesting.... I just Googled "Hollywood Candy Centralia, IL" and got all kinds of info.

I WAS RIGHT-ON The "Payday" was the 4th Hollywood Candy Bar. -

Theres also this info on the "Zero Bar" -
Junior Burger
RE: Chocolate Milkshake Candy Bar 2007/07/31 22:59:36
Thank You all for your help i'll contact hershey first to see if they purchased all the hollywood candy co. recipes. if i find they have it i'll let ev1 know cuz if enough people contact them aboutit maybe they will bring them back. in the mean time i'll just keep eating 3 muskateers the only other milk chocolate bar i like.
Junior Burger
RE: Chocolate Milkshake Candy Bar 2012/02/09 23:50:37
In my opinion. Hollywood Candy Co. Had Mars. and Hershey beat, hands down. Their Malkshake bar actually tasted like a malted milk shake, and you could save wrappers and send for cool stuff. They were cheaper than Mars, or Hershey. But, I would have gladly paid more.
I had an elderly friend a few years back that told me that the original 3 musketeers came 3 flavors to a bar.  Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla. That's why they were called 3 musketeers. Does anybody remember that far back?
Now I got myself thinking about old candy I miss . Mason Dots, when they had the licorice ones mixed in with the fruit flavored ones. Not just in a Black Crow box. Abba- Zabba, when it had enough peanut butter that you could actually taste it. Kits. Little pack with 5 pieces in it. came in a few flavors I liked the peanut butter ones the best.
This started out as a reply, about the Milkshake bar. But turned into, what should have been a new post.
I apologize I didn't mean to hi-jack your thread.
RE: Chocolate Milkshake Candy Bar 2012/02/10 00:07:11
A California old time candy company that is opening branches all over is...
Used to love Milkshakes and Butternuts.
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Chocolate Milkshake Candy Bar 2012/02/10 09:37:05
I remember 3 musketeers tasting different, when I was a very small child. However, I don't recall strawberry as the differentiating flavor
Junior Burger
RE: Chocolate Milkshake Candy Bar 2013/08/25 13:14:07
My mother used to buy us the variety pack of Hollywood candy bars: Zero, Pay Day, Milk Shake, Big Time (forgot that one till I found this thread), Butter Nut & the Hollywood candy bar. I think the last one was my least favorite if I recall correctly. I think it had white nougat inside. I know they also made a chocolate covered Pay Day...Big Pay, but that wasn't part of the pack.
I don't think I ever would have dredged up BIG TIME from my memory banks, but I remembered the rest.
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RE: Chocolate Milkshake Candy Bar 2013/09/04 06:30:01
It is a fantastic recipe! I followed this recipe exactly as written and was in a quandary whether the first 1/2 cup of whipped cream should have just been the liquid heavy whipping cream. Well I made the whipped cream and when blending all the ingredients as shown, my blender's motor started to burn out. I needed to add some liquid which I did 1/8c of milk and then it blended but by this time the blender was ruined.
Filet Mignon
RE: Chocolate Milkshake Candy Bar 2013/09/04 10:25:20
Thankfully, my candy bar addiction stopped when I began adolescence.  Along with Milkshakes, Pay-Days, Mounds, and Forever Yours I loved these: .
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Chocolate Milkshake Candy Bar 2013/09/04 12:46:09
The Hollywood bar I remember most fondly was Smooth Sailin'. Dark chocolate over nougat, with some kind of chopped nuts (maybe black walnut or macadamias?).
I also loved Forever Yours.  And Mounds bars.  (I prefer dark chocolate, which is probably obvous.)
I enjoyed those dark chocolate Kit Kat bars when they were available, too.
Junior Burger
RE: Chocolate Milkshake Candy Bar 2013/09/30 05:40:08
get milk and insert a chocolate. then put into a bar type stick.
and freeze it simple :) 
Junior Burger
RE: Chocolate Milkshake Candy Bar 2014/03/02 12:25:56
I LOVE zero bars.  I get them from my local Dollar General.  I vaguely remember the milkshake bars, but do not really remember what they look like.
RE: Chocolate Milkshake Candy Bar 2014/03/03 10:52:56
Yes Milkshake candy bars The hotdog stand at the lake used to freeze them.  My other favorite was the Mars Bar.  It had nougat and almonds.
Junior Burger
RE: Chocolate Milkshake Candy Bar 2014/12/07 13:04:59
Chocolate Milkshake Candy Bar so yammy yammy 
Junior Burger
RE: Chocolate Milkshake Candy Bar 2014/12/07 13:06:46
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Chocolate Milkshake Candy Bar 2014/12/07 14:33:07
I still get Payday candy bars.  They are made by Hershey
Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
RE: Chocolate Milkshake Candy Bar 2014/12/08 16:32:41
Darius, may I suggest that once is enough.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Chocolate Milkshake Candy Bar 2015/01/14 13:05:04
Don't remember those. I thought I saw Zero candy bars at H.E.B. in either Universal City or here in Schertzor maybe the 7 Eleven just down the road from work here.
I remember Mallow Cups which are still made.
I have an old 1920s Butler Brothers catalog.They sold merchandise to merchants and even had apparently some retail stores in various cities. Anyhow they had candy bars like Baby Ruth,,,but also Fat Emma,,Lindy's Lunch Denver Sandwich,etc. These aren't made any longer but they do give a description of each candy bar like French kisses 
and they sound really good.