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Helen Walker
Junior Burger
2003/03/18 09:34:53
I live in Savannah, GA and just wanted to say that Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House is closed and has been since her death. The family has not decided if they will open it again.
Junior Burger
RE: Now Closed 2003/03/21 21:33:19
That's very odd. I ate there in January, some months after her death.
Junior Burger
RE: Now Closed 2003/04/14 15:52:49
I understand that her two sons, Ross and Ronnie have both been ill and that has been the cause of the delay. The website shows it will be open early Spring this year; but due to the sicknesses, they are still trying to decide. I know Savannah is hopeful it reopens. What a wonderful place to eat.
Junior Burger
RE: Now Closed 2003/04/15 16:15:32
Further update on Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House. I spoke with the family last night and they are going to reopen in approximately two weeks (May 28th or thereabouts) and will be run by Mrs.Wilkes daughter-in-law, Marcia and her grandson, Ryan. Ronnie(Mrs.Wilkes'son) will be on the property overseeing guests, etc. rather like Mrs.Wilkes used to do. Those are the plans unless something unforeseen occurs, and came directly from Ronnie.
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Now Closed 2003/04/18 15:38:55
Please keep us up to date on the status of the place. We are headed down that way in June and would love to be able to try to get in this time!
Junior Burger
RE: Now Closed 2003/04/19 15:43:56
Will do Al. It really is one of the best places you can go for Southern cooking. Also try to work in "The Lady & Sons" if you can. Paula Deene is now a "Food Network" member and her show is an example of her restaurant. Fun, delicious and different! Both of these places are wonderful Savannah restaurants. Prepare to stand in line! They are worth the wait.....