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Kate Charlesworth-Miller
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a suggestion - Tue, 03/18/03 1:51 PM

I think Jane and Michael should go on cruises and not only critique the food on board (THAT should be interesting!), but also go to popular ports like Cozumel and Grand Cayman, and seek out local cuisine there. I know that I would be very interested in local specialties, that wouldn't break the bank, while on vacation.


KC Miller

Stephen Rushmore Jr.
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RE: a suggestion - Tue, 03/18/03 1:59 PM
Weren't those ports designed specifically for tourists?

Michael Stern
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RE: a suggestion - Tue, 03/18/03 6:16 PM
What about a Roadfood cruise? Not only do we visit appetizing ports of call, we take with us a dozen great Roadfood cooks (and provisions they need) to eat great meals between places.

mayor al
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RE: a suggestion - Tue, 03/18/03 7:38 PM
I can see it now...You folks organize a 'Chili-Cookoff' contest one day out of Port, then a "Corned Beef and Cabbage Day" the second day, Mexican Night,the third day, and BBQ on the fourth day out. The 5th day would be a "Nathan's Devour a Dog Contest", and finally on the 6th day would "Catch of the Day".... A Seafood feast of dishes from around the world. (Poached oysters lead the menu)
Add in a bit of rough weather, and the current stress levels over travel in general, and you have the makings of a real adventure here !! I think I'll take the train..hehehe

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RE: a suggestion - Wed, 03/19/03 7:32 PM
I thought you were going to say that on the 6th day the cruise became natural gas powered!!