Want to be able to "highlight" an online map.

2007/10/26 11:56:46
Hi all,
I'm not sure where to ask this...
I'm new to road trips and I would like to be able to electronically highlight the small roads that I took on my trip so that I can have a screenshot of the travels of the day / week.

Anyone have suggestions? Does Insider offer something like that? Windows Streets? Or, do I have to just manhandle mapquest and hope the stars are in alignment?

Thanks much,
Stephen Rushmore Jr.
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Want to be able to "highlight" an online map. 2007/10/26 13:40:13
Microsoft Streets and Trips is probably your best bet.
Junior Burger
RE: Want to be able to "highlight" an online map. 2008/04/02 13:48:59
Check out MY MAPS on google maps... I just made one for my upcoming road trip. It has a lot of options, but I'm not sure how to use the line feature works? It might work like a highlight feature?
RE: Want to be able to "highlight" an online map. 2008/09/08 00:37:53
As Mr. Rushmore points out, S&T is excellent for this. It can create a GPS trail that automatically records your travels, which you can then save. Laptop goes on all our trips and adventures.