Dessert noodles....

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Dessert noodles.... - Sat, 11/24/07 3:38 PM
Currently in the Black Forest in Germany we went into a little noodle shop where the owners make their own noodles - 200 varieties. But a specialty was dessert noodles in all sorts of flavors: chocolate, vanilla, fruits, cinnamon, etc. We bought "lieberkuchen weinachts" a special gingerbread flavor for Christmas.

The owner said to boil them in sugar water - the same as regular pasta but with sugar, then toss in some butter, then top with ice cream, or custard sauce or chocolate, vanilla, or fruit sauce.

Can,t wait til Dec. 25. Has anyone ever heard of this??

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RE: Dessert noodles.... - Sat, 11/24/07 6:40 PM
that sounds strange and very wonderful! never heard of dessert noodles before - please give us an update after christmas!

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RE: Dessert noodles.... - Sun, 11/25/07 2:25 PM
I've made several sweet kugels, pear, pineapple, fruit cocktail using regular medium width egg noodles.