Tonight's Ice Cream Experiment

2008/01/13 04:08:18
Tonight I continued my work on creating a decent cranberry-orange ice cream. I used a large can of cranberry sauce because the jellied nature of it would help with keeping the finished batch from becoming as hard as concrete.

In my sugar portions, I used 2/3 brown sugar corn syrup and 1/3 sugar. I also used a tablespoon of orange juice frozen concentrate that I beat in with the egg and sugar, along with a teaspoon of vanilla extract.

To give it more texture, I added dried cranberries that were flavored with orange.

The end result was a decent orange ice cream. No cranberry flavor once again. Tomorrow, I'll go back to it and this time, I'll see if I can pick up some cranberries at the grocery store. Plus, I'll be searching tonight for somebody who makes a frozen cranberry juice concentrate.
RE: Tonight's Ice Cream Experiment 2008/01/23 03:54:41
I have found success! First, I stopped using half & half. Second, I used a can of jellied cranberries, plus half a can of cranberry juice frozen concentrate. I also found dried cranberries that didn't have flavoring. My guinea pigs have all told me they love it and that it has the right flavor. I should move this to a different forum though.