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Oreo Contest - Wed, 09/17/03 5:18 PM
Have you see the commercial for the Oreo contest? They say there is one oreo cookie in a random package that will turn your milk blue. If you get it -- $1,000000!

Is this true?

This oughta make milk and oreo sales skyrocket!

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RE: Oreo Contest - Wed, 09/17/03 10:24 PM
I heard it on the TV either yesterday or today, not sure when. I have the TV station on a radio at work so I'm not paying real close attention but I do remember hearing them talking about if you have the cokie that turns your milk blue your the winner. I didn't hear any other particulars.

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RE: Oreo Contest - Fri, 09/19/03 2:39 AM
I saw that. I was wondering, if you don't dunk...will it turn your mouth blue? I'm sure there is some code on the package, but I have visions of you having to tote a glass of blue milk across the country to turn it in. Where did I leave that package of food coloring?