Cranky Pat's - Neenah, WI

2008/01/29 11:15:26
This past Friday I stopped at Cranky Pat's in Neenah for a slice of pepperoni & mushroom pizza (it's "slice" on the menu but the in-house term appeared to be "wedge"). Like Frank's Pizza Palace in Appleton the pizza-making operation is out front and visible so I sat at the counter and got to watch it being made; the dough is machine-rolled and hand-tossed when the order is placed, even if it's just a $4 slice.

I noticed that the pizzas don't seem to get a lot of sauce and the sauce itself is pretty mild, so it didn't overpower the cheese and the toppings (the pizzamaker was especially generous with the fresh mushrooms). FWIW the toppings are placed above the cheese and not below it; yes the mushrooms shriveled but they still tasted good. The crust came out thin and crisp (almost crackerlike) and the edges and the cheese were nicely browned. From what I could tell the oven is set up like a Ferris wheel but I don't know the technical name of that style.

I liked it and would definitely go back.
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RE: Cranky Pat's - Neenah, WI 2008/01/29 12:30:49
I go to Frank and Pat's in Green Bay when I take in my yearly Packer game. Next time try Pat's special.
RE: Cranky Pat's - Neenah, WI 2015/02/07 22:23:09
I guess 7 years is long enough between pizzas so at the end of January I visited Cranky Pat's again.


No slice this time.  This is a 12" sausage pizza and since Pat's originally from Chicago the tavern cut's no surprise.


Pat's makes a nice pizza and if 60 years in the business is any indication the people of the Fox Valley must agree.
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RE: Cranky Pat's - Neenah, WI 2015/02/07 23:13:24
That looks like a great pizza....the real thing!!!
Michael Hoffman
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RE: Cranky Pat's - Neenah, WI 2015/02/08 10:51:33
I'm with leethebard.
RE: Cranky Pat's - Neenah, WI 2015/02/08 11:14:05
Brad, Nice pics and review...I really enjoy Cranky Pat's, although I do give the nod to Frank's Pizza Palace...opened in 1955.  Ironically, they were partners in Appleton until the 60's I believe. Both were from Chicago where Frank's father made sausage, which is still the homemade version @ Frank's. BTW, the ovens are from a company called Faulds.
RE: Cranky Pat's - Neenah, WI 2015/02/08 16:16:35
Thanks for the comments!
Wintahaba, Frank's is on my list for next January (unless I make an unscheduled trip before then) and I'm looking forward to trying the sausage.