Hot!"Chippos" Potato Chips ???

Junior Burger
2008/03/09 20:22:15
Anyone remember "Chippos" Potato Chips.
They came in a box and were distributed by Betty Crocker
I think they were made with dehydrated potatos
They predated Munchos by a bit and Pringles by a while.
Loved them as a kid, in the 1970's
No one I know ever heard of them.
Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
RE: "Chippos" Potato Chips ??? 2008/03/09 20:26:45
No, but I remember Chieppo's chips that were made in North Haven, Connecticut back in the '40s and '50s.
Junior Burger
RE: "Chippos" Potato Chips ??? 2008/03/09 20:31:11
I found this reference to "Chippos", it referres to a TV commercial for the product

13) CHIPPOS POTATO CHIPS BY BETTY CROCKER: woman takes group on tour of kitchen to demonstrate new chip¯Chuck McCann is part of tour¯celebrity

Junior Burger
RE: "Chippos" Potato Chips ??? 2008/06/04 23:06:08
I remember Chippos! So glad someone else does, I was beginning to think I am the only one who remembers them. They came in a rather large box with a photo of the chips on the front of the box and I seem to remember red lettering on the box.
They were delicious as I remember. They had a waffle or grid-like texture on close inspection and were the predecessor to Munchos and Pringles.
They used to run TV ads showing people serving Chippos & regular potato chips at a party and how the Chippos didn't leave grease stains in their basket vs the regular chips which did.
Junior Burger
RE: "Chippos" Potato Chips ??? 2008/06/05 20:36:39
is it possible you are talking about "chipsters" from Nabisco? they were around in the 70s. I totally loved those. someone else found them in italy, still made today by a company named belin.

Junior Burger
RE: "Chippos" Potato Chips ??? 2008/06/06 23:03:49
No, but I can see how you might think that. I think that they were rivals. I distincly remember the box, it was very large and the entire front of the box is an extreme closeup of the chips. They were quite good, from the perspective of a child's tastebuds.
Anyone out there remember the 10:30 candy bar??? A vanilla chocolate coated bar with a cinnamon swirl on it?
Also, whip-n-chill and soft and swirl (soft and swirl was an instant pudding that came in chocolate, vanilla and peach).
Originally posted by kateyk12

is it possible you are talking about "chipsters" from Nabisco? they were around in the 70s. I totally loved those. someone else found them in italy, still made today by a company named belin.

Junior Burger
RE: "Chippos" Potato Chips ??? 2008/07/07 16:28:13
I always thought Chippos were just the brand of snack the Simpsons enjoyed.
Junior Burger
RE: "Chippos" Potato Chips ??? 2008/07/28 15:22:05
I have a Chippos box - I dont have it photographed yet but Ill try to get it online - when I do Ill add it to my retro-food collection:

I actually collect 1970s and 80s food boxes/bags/etc- particularly candy and snacks - if anybody wants to do some trading - drop me a line!
Junior Burger
RE: "Chippos" Potato Chips ??? 2008/11/14 01:42:06
I remember CHIPOS ... They were good... flash fried in 7 seconds the box said. I prefer "newfangled" chips like Pringles (fat free at this point) but I remember Chipos being a more substantial chip. Too bad these along with other childhood favorites likr Kelloggs Danish Go Round are long gone.
RE: "Chippos" Potato Chips ??? 2010/04/04 17:59:28
I loved Chippos.  Can't believe they quit making them.  I thought they were baked but I guess not.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: "Chippos" Potato Chips ??? 2010/04/04 19:26:15
When I was growing up in NYC, most of the regular potato chips sold came from Pennsylvania manufacturers such as Wise and Bachman. The labels on the bag only listed a few ingredients. When products such as Pringles and Chipos came out, I declined to try them after reading the list of ingredients of these so-called potato chips. I couldn't see how a soap company and a flour company could make a good potato chip.

If General Mills stopped producing Chipos, it probably was because of disappointing sales.
RE: "Chippos" Potato Chips ??? 2010/04/05 02:43:30
Wasn't Chippo one of the Marx brothers??
Filet Mignon
RE: "Chippos" Potato Chips ??? 2010/04/05 10:16:17
No, that was Zippo! 
Junior Burger
Re:"Chippos" Potato Chips ??? 2011/05/07 20:30:43
Yes, I remember Chippos and I have been searching for them since the 70's.  I remember the big red box.  They came in a box like cereal.  The closest thing to them now is Munchos, but they don't match that wonderful snack that I miss so much.
Junior Burger
Re:"Chippos" Potato Chips ??? 2011/10/31 14:06:15
I remember them well, very delicious!!! I've attached a picture

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Re:"Chippos" Potato Chips ??? 2014/03/24 15:14:44
I remember and loved Chippos. I thought it was spelled with one p. Why can't we find a picture of the box they came in? I had them as a kid / teen in Iowa.
The Monk
Junior Burger
Re:"Chippos" Potato Chips ??? 2014/03/24 15:36:41
My first Job out of College was with Nabisco, (National Biscuit Company!!!) I was a Rep in Newark N.J. and sold a bunch of Chipsters there. I was the only Cracker Rep who would venture into Newark...Not Sunshine or Keebler and made some nice commissions.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:"Chippos" Potato Chips ??? 2014/03/24 15:45:46
Re:"Chippos" Potato Chips ??? 2014/03/25 12:39:12
Thanks, Chris...that jogged the memory cells!  I didn't really remember the box or the name but seeing the actual chips and the napkin test brought it mom would occasionally buy Chipos back in the '70s.
Re:"Chippos" Potato Chips ??? 2014/11/10 21:57:02
My all-time favorite snack food.  They must not have lasted long.  I remember first trying them in '72 or so and they were gone in just a few years.