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Kuma's Corner - Chicago - Thu, 04/17/08 6:11 PM
Anyone eaten here? Thoughts? Discuss...

Great selection of burgers, with insane toppings, all named after heavy metal bands. And where else can you get a Chicago-style hot dog ON A BURGER?!?!

The place has gotten so much press lately that the wait is sometimes an hour and half! And I'm not helping by posting this :)
Oh, and all the burgers are served on a pretzel roll which is amazing.

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RE: Kuma's Corner - Chicago - Fri, 04/18/08 10:27 AM
I saw it on a Chicago TV show "Check Please" and all of the reviewers thought it was awesome!! I have not gone they yet, as my wife is a Vegatrian

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RE: Kuma's Corner - Chicago - Sat, 04/19/08 12:56 PM
Had lunch with 4 folks. Very good...not fantastic. Unbelievable topping choices from eggplant to fried onion rings to bbq pork to almost anything you can imagine. It is small and lacks parking. We got there around 1:30pm on a winter, Friday afternoon. We had a small wait of 20 minutes which was made longer because we did not know there was an order to seating. No one at the door to greet, no one standing and waiting, therefore we assumed, open table in a bar, grab it. I thought a system should be in place particularly with all the press on WTTW, Time Out and other websites.

I would strongly encourage a visit as the food was very good and there is a great selection of beers, some pricey but rare. Keep in mind you are only blocks from Hot Doug's, one of my favorite places in all of Chicago.

mayor al
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RE: Kuma's Corner - Chicago - Tue, 04/22/08 9:02 PM

Hmmm, KUMA in Japanese means BEAR (the animal). I wonder if there is hidden meaning in the name of the place?

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RE: Kuma's Corner - Chicago - Tue, 04/22/08 9:26 PM
The name of the burger with the Vienna hot dog on top sure is catchy.

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RE: Kuma's Corner - Chicago - Tue, 04/22/08 11:20 PM
Originally posted by Al-The Mayor-Bowen
Hmmm, KUMA in Japanese means BEAR (the animal). I wonder if there is hidden meaning in the name of the place?
Kuma is the owner's dog's name.