Italian Ices (Pineapple or Chocolate)

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Italian Ices (Pineapple or Chocolate) - Tue, 05/13/08 10:42 PM
Anyone know of anywhere you can get real Italian ices in the VA/DC/MD area? I grew up near The Ice King of Corona (made famous by Paul Simon & later - the opening segment of The King of Queens.)Haven't seen real Italian ices in 20 years!

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RE: Italian Ices (Pineapple or Chocolate) - Mon, 05/19/08 2:28 PM
bre- I know how you feel. I grew up with Ralph's Italian Ice and the King of Corona. I moved to FL and it is hard to find an Italian Ice. The only advice I can give you for your area is to try some pizza or Italian restaurants. They sometimes carry Italian ice, usually Gino's. I've been searching for quite a while here to find "REAL" Italian Ice. Good luck in your search!

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RE: Italian Ices (Pineapple or Chocolate) - Tue, 05/20/08 7:12 AM
The original Three Brothers, in Beltway Plaza Mall in Greenbelt MD, carries Italian ice and it's fairly authentic, IIRC. I'm not sure if the franchises carry it too, though, sorry.

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RE: Italian Ices (Pineapple or Chocolate) - Thu, 03/12/09 9:18 AM
hmm...i am an ice cream addict..any ice cream flavors would do as long as its ICE CReaM...   but i love CHoCOLate ice cream topped with marshmallows and almond nuts...YUMMY

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RE: Italian Ices (Pineapple or Chocolate) - Thu, 03/12/09 10:13 AM
I'm sorry Ladyzhenie, but what does your reply have anything to do with bre's asking where they can get ITALIAN ICES? it's not ice cream...