Bayliss and lamb in a pit!!

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Bayliss and lamb in a pit!! - Sun, 05/25/08 12:52 PM
Watched Ric Bayliss's "Mexico-one dish at a time!" show yseterday--he and his daughter did a fabulous looking pit cooked lamb that i drooled over---marinated in a chili/garlic smear and covered with avacado leaves then wrapped in bannana leaves-set in a big pan on a rack over a heap of vegies with a little water and set in a covered pit for 6 hrs!!! It was BEUUUTIIIFULLL!!! They vegies where turned into a sauce and the lamb "Pulled" Man, i HAVE to eat his place!!!

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RE: Bayliss and lamb in a pit!! - Wed, 06/4/08 9:52 AM
There is a bbq place in Seguin,Tx,named Davila's Barbecue,that does lamb,as well as pork and beef,etc.
But have never eaten there.I think there is one or two places that do also cabrito(goat) in San Antonio
but never had it.What you describe sounds really good.

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RE: Bayliss and lamb in a pit!! - Wed, 06/4/08 10:37 AM
Sounds so good I'm going to drive to Seguin this weekend and try it. Once stopped at a roadside stand on the way to South Padre and they had Cabrito and barbacoa. I thought I was in heaven.