Canned mixed nuts

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Canned mixed nuts - Mon, 07/28/08 3:12 PM
I have a regular can of Planter's here in front of me and I was wondering, do you eat them by order of which ones you like most, and leave the "peanuts" for someone else, do you just grab a handful and eat as you go, or do you forego mixed nuts and buy just what you like? I like the mixed nuts and eat in this order(even if it requires replacing the lid and shaking the can, I will not dump the entire can though!)
Pecans, cashews, filberts, brazil nuts, almonds, peanuts. Silly question I know......

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RE: Canned mixed nuts - Mon, 07/28/08 3:15 PM
I always have a can on the table, we love nuts. I try to buy the Planter's mixed nuts unsalted but very hard to find, so I settle for low salt. Nope, I just shake some on my hand and eat like that.....

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RE: Canned mixed nuts - Mon, 07/28/08 3:19 PM
I search out the pecans in mixed nuts then feel guilty for taking them. I have been buying the blue diamond almonds, lately.

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RE: Canned mixed nuts - Mon, 07/28/08 3:20 PM
No, I shake out a handfull and eat them in no particular order.