Nashville Burgers: Brown's Diner>?

2008/08/29 18:37:10
Everyone hears about Rotier's, and I plan to try one, but it seems Brown's Diner has a SOLID fan base, as well.

Anyone been there? Sure sounds like a wonderful dump!
Poverty Pete
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Nashville Burgers: Brown's Diner>? 2008/08/29 19:22:45
I haven't been, but I know exactly where it is. Since I don't have other plans for the weekend, I'll put myself on the line, and have a burger there tomorrow. I'll get back to you tomorrow evening.
Poverty Pete
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Nashville Burgers: Brown's Diner>? 2008/08/30 13:07:15
I went to Brown's Diner for a burger. The entrance takes you directly into the bar area, which is a single-wide trailer, with nine bar stools.
There's a dining area beyond that. This is an old school bar. The beer on tap is Bud, not Bud light. The tap handle probably dates back to the fifties. There's one celebrity photo one wall. I couldn't tell who it was, but it was dated '63. I haven't felt so comfortable in a new place since I visited another dive in Green Bay. Within minutes, all at the bar were discussing football, the upcoming Greek Festival and a recent murder at Vanderbilt. You can't buy the kind of ambiance this place has.
Now to the food. The burger had a classic presentation, with pickle chips on top of the bun, impaled by a toothpick. It was a nicely sized patty, around 4-4.5 oz. The fries are the very thin cut type. Burger, fries and a draft, with tax, was around nine bucks. The burger isn't as good as Rotier's, in my opinion, but I would and will go back for the atmosphere.
Holly Moore
RE: Nashville Burgers: Brown's Diner>? 2008/08/30 14:16:18
Agree on Rotier's burger. But you should return to Brown's Diner for a chili-dog.
RE: Nashville Burgers: Brown's Diner>? 2008/08/30 16:24:43
Thanks for the report Pete! Brown's sounds like the kind of place, I could at least talk Nashville with the regs. That would be enjoyable! I will do both Rotiers, and Brown's, if for nothing but the latters atmosphere, as you described.

If you take Holly up on the chili dog, prepare to use your fork. I visit his site, and have seen what you will face. " />

I know I will take in several other Nashville favorites. For pizza, I have to do Sir Pizza. It was my very favorite as a youngster. Before the internet, I never knew there were others. The lone Atlanta location was near my house, but was gone by the early 70's. I always thought that it was a very original pie.

Also, the people that I will be visiting, are personal friends with Arnold; owner of the meat & threes of the same name. I am told there is roast beef, sliced by him in my future. Juicey, rare, roast beef and Worcestershire sauce is hard to beat for me.

I look forward to the visit...