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Combo plates - Tue, 09/30/08 11:09 AM
What do you like to order when you get the combo plate?

I was just at La Choza, one of my favorite restaurants in Santa Fe and had:
1. Carne Adovada
2. Blue Corn Enchilada
3. Tostada

Since this is NM, they had the local version, and it was good, but I always like to order the more "offbeat" of the choices.

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RE: Combo plates - Wed, 10/1/08 9:24 PM
I like to order a combo plate, or platter, that includes a tamale of some kind. Really good tamales are a revelation. Most of the time I do not experience a revelation, but recently I did. I ordered a combo at a place and got a wonderful tamale wrapped in a banana leaf, not corn husk. It was wonderful. It had a shredded pork and red chile filling. The platter included an open face soft corn tortilla taco with chicken braised in chipotle adobo and a carne asada tostada. No rice, but some really good beans. Radishes, pickled onions and two different salsas completed the picture.

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RE: Combo plates - Wed, 10/1/08 10:08 PM
All we ever order anymore is the fajauitas. they come with a plate of rice, beans and a gucamole' salad. Along with the combo fajuitas we end up with at least 2 more meals at home. They even give us an extra box for the left over chips and salsa.

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RE: Combo plates - Thu, 04/2/09 8:19 AM
At our favorite local place I like to get the chile rellenos with lettuce and fresh sliced tomatoes and rice on the side.  They also bring out a relish tray with hot pickled carrots and peppers and two hot sauces. 

My husband usually gets a burrito and enchilada combo with refried beans. 

If you're ever in Versailles, La Tapatia is the place to go for Mexican.


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RE: Combo plates - Thu, 04/2/09 8:59 AM
I had one last night that was one of the best I ever had,Chicken and Beef Enchiladas,Chile Relenos.Rice and Beans and Salsa

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RE: Combo plates - Thu, 04/2/09 9:15 AM
Where, jellybear?

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RE: Combo plates - Mon, 04/13/09 3:04 PM
I usually go to El Jalisco  on FM3009 next to the Papa John here in Schertz. I have had the carne al pastor, which is marinated pork strips, with whole beans, rice  nopalitos(strips of cooked cactus,flavour kind of reminds me of green beans) tortillas and salad. I've also had the steak ranchero, and the 3009 plate which is a cheese enchilada,puffy taco, fajiata taco, rice and beans.

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RE: Combo plates - Mon, 04/13/09 7:22 PM

I love tamales and chiles rellenos, so any combo plate with those on board is a good choice for me.