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Question on this area - Sun, 11/9/08 12:51 PM
I have been noticing that many topics (bread pudding, Louisiana BBQ, fruitcake, warm fruit and other fruit related posts, pickles, peanut butter cookies, etc) are migrating from other areas (snacks, side orders, other desserts, etc.) I can see how that makes sense, but it also bloats the "food misc" area and because it it the most active area, some topics quickly go down the page and are lost.

I don't mean to criticize if some of these posts were originally intended to be put under Misc. But, for example, I prefer some of the dessert topics to stay in dessert; if I am not on RF for a few days, I'll miss them. Thank you.

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RE: Question on this area - Sun, 11/9/08 1:31 PM
NYNM, the descriptions for each area of the forum have changed. Specifically, all the different food areas are for discussion of restaurants only - everything else will go in a misc category. This change took place about 3 weeks ago and we have been moving threads as they surface. An official announcement will probably be up soon but in the meantime if members could review the new forum descriptions and post accordingly that would be most helpful.