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Bring a bottle - Fri, 12/5/08 11:58 AM
Have you ever been asked to bring a bottle of alcohol to a party?. Well, not much anymore, but years ago, for years, I would always bring a gallon bottle of Bacardi Puerto Rican Rum, white, because I thought "hey, everyone loves Bacardi,...can't go wrong."

If you were asked to bring a bottle, which one would it be? Thanks!

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RE: Bring a bottle - Fri, 12/5/08 12:19 PM
I find Bourbon to be a good thing for liquor. Rye is excellent, especially with ginger ale.
Bailey's Irish Cream for a liqueur.
for wine, a holiday tradition like beaujolais nouveau, or a nice fat wine, peppery, bold, maybe even a little fruity like an Old Vine Zinfandel, a Syrah or a Cote du Rhone.

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RE: Bring a bottle - Fri, 12/5/08 12:22 PM
depends on the type of party and expected guests.
Dinner party = wine
Casual get together with hor's doerves = Good vodka or gin for 'tinis
Girls night = cafe patron
Fundraiser to raise bail for a biker buddy = JD or jaegermeister

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RE: Bring a bottle - Fri, 12/5/08 12:45 PM
Everytime I get together with my friends, once or twice a month, someone brings a handle of Three Olives Grape. Someone else goes to ALDI and buys a case of Red Thunder (Cheap Red Bull.) And we always manage to finish it. GRAPE BOMBS!

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RE: Bring a bottle - Fri, 12/5/08 1:03 PM
It depends on the tastes of who I am visiting.

I know when a guest brings me a bottle of tequila, they make a real good impression..

Russ Jackson
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RE: Bring a bottle - Fri, 12/5/08 1:24 PM
If I am asked to bring a bottle I will bring all the stuff to make a special drink. Caipirinhas, MoJitos, Mai Tais. Or go to a liquor store and find something new and research it out. I bought a bottle of Three Olives Triple Espresso and made this Martini at a party the other night. Like any Martini some loved it others did not.

Triple Espresso Martini

* 1 1/2 oz Three Olives Triple Shot Espresso Vodka
* 1 oz coconut rum
* 1/2 oz amaretto
* chocolate for rimming


1. Rim a cocktail glass with chocolate.
2. Pour the rum and amaretto into a cocktail shaker filled with ice.
3. Shake and strain into the prepared glass.
4. Shake the vodka and layer into the glass.

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RE: Bring a bottle - Fri, 12/5/08 5:27 PM
I was just asked to bring a bottle to a New Years Party that i am going to in California--this is the 36th annual New Years "Beggers Banquet"--it goes till breakfast and its in a large old farmhouse where we have several RV's parked outside so no-one is driving any where and for a lot of us it is the only time we really do any heavy drinking all year---i am sticking with the standby at these gatherings--single malt scotch! Haven't picked a brand yet--wont till i get out the3re on Christmas.
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RE: Bring a bottle - Fri, 12/5/08 5:38 PM
Sometimes wine.
Otherwise, and most often, vodka (I'm partial to Three Olives these days).

Russ Jackson
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RE: Bring a bottle - Fri, 12/5/08 8:47 PM
Bring Everclear. Mix it with some Kool-Aid and sit back and watch the fun...Russ

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RE: Bring a bottle - Mon, 12/8/08 4:26 PM
When I bring a bottle, it's almost always wine. I keep a very modest "cellar" in a cool, dark corner of the basement with about two dozen bottles of decent but not extravagantly priced stuff that can stand up to a few years in storage. Which wine I bring to dinner or a party depends on what food is being served.

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RE: Bring a bottle - Mon, 12/8/08 4:28 PM
We always bring a bottle or two of wine....usually one white!!

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RE: Bring a bottle - Mon, 12/8/08 4:38 PM
Originally posted by Russ Jackson

Bring Everclear. Mix it with some Kool-Aid and sit back and watch the fun...Russ

Ouch, first time I ever had "Everclear" was at a frat party @ Rutgers Univ, 1982.

We were drinking strawberry daqaris made with Everclear, holy cow, what a rowdy drunken night!

Then we tried to play volley ball in the front yard.....

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RE: Bring a bottle - Tue, 12/9/08 8:26 AM
If I know theres some high end beer drinkers there, I'll bring 2x bottles of Saison Dupont. If not, I fall back to a bottle of top shelf tequilla. If I know it's not a terribly discerning crowd, a couple bottles of cheap Reisling.

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RE: Bring a bottle - Tue, 12/9/08 9:07 AM
When I used to drink and wanted to bring something that would mix with everything I would bring a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka. If we were to be doing shots then it would be a bottle of Patron Tequila but if it was beer I would bring a few sampler 12-packs from my favorite brewery Red Hook. I am partial to the ESB or the Long Hammer IPA.

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RE: Bring a bottle - Wed, 12/10/08 5:45 AM
Cabo Wabo Tequila.

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RE: Bring a bottle - Sun, 01/4/09 10:29 PM
I am usually asked to bring things other than liquor. Like TONS of ice, in the summer, and fruit. The fruit request means that I will be in charge of carving out some creative artwork, so I need to avoid the drinks, until my job is complete. I also bring creative mixers, for those who are either designated drivers, or found themselves pregnant, after the last party.

Danny Meyer has a new line of cocktail mixers, inspired from his famous NYC restaurants and available at Williams-Sonoma. They were a real hit at my NYE party. They made good mixers, created interesting conversations, and were greatly appreciated by the folks who were not drinking alcohol, as they had refreshing new additional options rather than just the traditional mixers, soda, juice, or club soda stand-bys.

Cocktail Caddy

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RE: Bring a bottle - Sun, 01/4/09 10:37 PM
I usually take a bottle of quality vodka, or J. Walker Red

Dennis in Cary

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Re:Bring a bottle - Wed, 01/7/09 12:45 AM
 Diet Pepsi.

mayor al
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Re:Bring a bottle - Thu, 02/19/09 10:43 AM
In SoCal, when a bunch of us got together at one home for a grill-out or such casual activity, Jan and I would mix up a gallon of OJ and Peach Schnapps (sometimes with some Vodka for a booster) to provide Fuzzy Navels as an alternative to the straight Spirit drinkers.

Lately we have not done much of that as we tend to stick to soft drinks ouselves.
  We have attended some social gatherings where a 'Bottle' was requested in the invitation. We have decided that it could be either "Knob Creek" (if we like the host) or "Not Very Old BARTON" (aged in the truck on the way to the party) (if the host is not on our good side!)
  Keep that in mind if we should happen to visit!
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Re:Bring a bottle - Thu, 02/19/09 3:23 PM
Back in the day...Ripple Pagan Pink or some Bali Hi. Fruit Punch anyone???

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Re:Bring a bottle - Thu, 02/19/09 8:54 PM
Red wine, white wine, scotch, or beer. Did someone say mojito?  I just love them in the hot summer months.