Smoked Fish in Florida

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Smoked Fish in Florida - Sun, 11/16/03 10:20 AM
I work for the most famous smoked fish place in Florida. Just wondering if there is anyone interested in buying smoked fish if I were to open a site.. Kinda testing the waters Ken

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RE: Smoked Fish in Florida - Wed, 11/19/03 8:22 AM
My parents and many of their friends live in Aventura and are most definetly interested in purchasing smoked fish.

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RE: Smoked Fish in Florida - Mon, 11/24/03 5:30 AM
I might be interested. I would definitely be interested in ordering mullet dip, if that choice were available, and it's your own product.

I don't see how a Web site could hurt you. They don't cost much to run, and once up, you don't have to worry much about it. Just answer the phones and take orders.

A friend with a restaurant created a Web site about 4 years ago and it vastly increased his carry-out orders. The site also contributes to his dine-in traffic. He's very pleased with his Web site.

Whatever you decide, best wishes.

Kristi S.
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RE: Smoked Fish in Florida - Mon, 11/24/03 8:27 AM
Originally posted by mistermenace

I work for the most famous smoked fish place in Florida.

It's gotta be Ted Peters!