What are salt potatoes?

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What are salt potatoes? - Thu, 12/18/08 3:21 PM
What exactly are salt potatoes? I have seen pucs posted up here and people talk about them, but I have no idea what they are. Any help?
Dennis in Cary

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Re:What are salt potatoes? - Thu, 12/18/08 3:54 PM

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Re:What are salt potatoes? - Thu, 12/18/08 3:57 PM
Do a search of the forum on Hinerwadel and you'll find a thread on salt potatoes.  They are a small or fingerling potato boiled in very salty water and is a specialty of the Syracuse NY area. If you find yourself in New York City, they are on the menu at Dinosaur BBQ which is where I had them.  Just to a google search on "salt potatos" (in quotes)and you'll find tons of info.

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Re:What are salt potatoes? - Thu, 12/18/08 7:32 PM
usually made with new white potatoes. Golf ball sized and smaller. They were made famous by the Hinerwadel family at their family owned "grove," where they put on corporate clam bakes in North Syracuse, NY. While the tradition of salt potatoes started in the salt houses in Liverpool, NY by Irish immigrants, Hinerwadel's made them a marketable food and a CNY tradition.
I've been eating these things at picnics, clam bakes and bbq's my whole life. Now that Wegman's is in the DC area, I can buy Wegman's brand almost year round, and Hinerwadel's in the summer. A little bit of home, here in DC.
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Re:What are salt potatoes? - Sat, 12/20/08 6:15 AM
In addition the spuds are covered in butter. At dinosaur BBQ they add garlic.

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Re:What are salt potatoes? - Sun, 12/21/08 11:12 AM
If you have a Price Chopper or Hannaford's in the area, they may still have bags of salt potatoes. I usually cut back on some of the salt...but lots and lots of butter, I also add black pepper. Leftovers, if there ever are any, I smash them fry them up.

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Re:What are salt potatoes? - Wed, 02/11/09 5:21 PM

In addition the spuds are covered in butter. At dinosaur BBQ they add garlic.
...and their Foreplay rub seasoning...yum!

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Re:What are salt potatoes? - Wed, 02/11/09 6:56 PM
I've never heard of this dish, but it sounds great.  I'll  have to make a batch myself!

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Re:What are salt potatoes? - Wed, 02/11/09 9:12 PM
Delicious is what they are.
 Take about 4 pounds of tiny new potatoes,  boil them in very very very salty water..
Eat with butter pooling in your plate and fingers..
Around here they sell the bags of potatoes with premeasured salt. Sometimes I find the prebagged spuds too large.. And I decrease the salt by about 1/3..
I'm in western NY (SE of Buffalo) and every volunteeer fire company and high school band sells chicken barbeque ( Cornell style) with salt potatoes as a fund raiser  from about march to  October.
We  have  them a couple times a month in summer.. leftovers get fried up with eggs in the morning.  They also taste great well chilled, dipped in mayo..