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 Anyone Remember Smacks? Smack-a-Roo?

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Jason B.

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Re:Anyone Remember Smacks? Smack-a-Roo? Mon, 09/27/10 3:45 PM (permalink)
I was younger than 10 years old when they went out of business but I vividly remember eating at the Smacks at Indian Springs but also eating at another in Kansas City, Kansas. It was either off of Parallel or Leavenworth Road and was near a bank over there (Westgate State Bank maybe??).
Jason B.

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    Re:Anyone Remember Smacks? Smack-a-Roo? Wed, 10/20/10 3:51 PM (permalink)
    There was a Smaks in the Wyandotte plaza shopping center parking lot.  78th and State avenue in Kansas City Kansas.

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      Re:Anyone Remember Smacks? Smack-a-Roo? Thu, 10/21/10 7:13 AM (permalink)

      There was a Smaks in the Wyandotte plaza shopping center parking lot.  78th and State avenue in Kansas City Kansas.

      Was that Smaks located where the Chinese restaurant is now?  It is in the freestanding building near State Avenue.  My son and I ate there a year ago when we were in the area.

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        Re:Anyone Remember Smacks? Smack-a-Roo? Sat, 01/29/11 9:09 AM (permalink)
        Ahhh, the Hickory Smak was the BEST!!!  The last Smak's in KC that I remember was in Ward Parkway Shopping Center, downstairs between the escalators.  Does anyone remember Drummer Boy on Westport Rd?  They were just down the street from the MCC Penn Valley building around 1970.

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          Re:Anyone Remember Smacks? Smack-a-Roo? Wed, 02/9/11 11:02 PM (permalink)
          Hi !    I worked at Smak's in Topeka KS from 1965-66.  My boss's name was Jim Duncan. Do you remember or know anything about him?

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            Re:Anyone Remember Smacks? Smack-a-Roo? Wed, 06/1/11 11:00 PM (permalink)
            Does anyone remember the Country Club Dairy around 38th or31st and Troost in Kansas City. This was back in the 1950's and early 1960's. They had excellent malts.

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              Re:Anyone Remember Smacks? Smack-a-Roo? Thu, 06/2/11 12:50 AM (permalink)
              Country club dairy should have been around 60th and troost, unless they had a second retail  location. Our milkman delivered Country Club milk and dairy products.
              As I remember, the CC dairy exploded in true KC fashion.
              Let me work on my memories.
              This guy says 56& Troost-
               The Country Club Dairy and Rockhurst High School | Kansas City Public Library
              [font="verdana; line-height: 18px"] The Country Club Dairy and Rockhurst High School In 1954-55, when I was a freshman at Rockhurst High School, the students often walked home by way of the Country Club Dairy at 56th & Troost. The inside of the dairy faced west and was bright from the outside sun shining on the glassed front. It was a great place to sit at the counter and talk. I ordered a chocolate malt every time I stopped there. I had to keep this a secret because I didn’t want to be accused of spoiling my dinner.
              Late one afternoon, a fellow student who happened to be black (Negro in those days) was refused service there. I remember being angry at the time, maybe because our principal suggested we avoid the dairy until he had time to “look into it.”
              After a discussion he had with the dairy management, no one was refused service. The result was one of the earliest examples of integration in Kansas City. Money talked even then.
              Kevin GrattonApril 1, 2008
              Note: Rockhurst High was then situated on the campus of Rockhurst College. It moved far south on State Line sometime later.
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                Re:Anyone Remember Smacks? Smack-a-Roo? Mon, 06/6/11 10:37 PM (permalink)
                Does anyone remember Boots Drive Inn on 87th Street in Overland Park Kansas in late 1950's and early 1960's?

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                  Re:Anyone Remember Smacks? Smack-a-Roo? Tue, 08/30/11 12:41 AM (permalink)
                  My mom (Who lives in Florida) and I were talking about Smaks. She found some old pictures of my sister and I in front of the Smaks at Ward Parkway.

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                    Re:Anyone Remember Smacks? Smack-a-Roo? Sat, 09/3/11 1:33 PM (permalink)
                    If I'm not mistaken, the first Smak's in KCMO was on Linwood Blvd., just east of Main a ways. They featured $.19 burgers.

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                      Re:Anyone Remember Smacks? Smack-a-Roo? Mon, 01/23/12 7:13 PM (permalink)
                      I worked at Smaks in Topeka on west 21st Street, between 1966 - 1970. I remember one night that all the employees went a block away to my folks house to take cover from a tornado.

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                        Re:Anyone Remember Smacks? Smack-a-Roo? Wed, 05/2/12 8:17 PM (permalink)
                        My father was an assistant manager of a Smacks in North Kansas City MO.  I remember going there after hours and getting to check out the kitchen.  I remember all of the different burger options they offered in their burger bar menu.  It was called something like = Create your own burger I think.  They had quite a variety of choices.

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                          Re:Anyone Remember Smacks? Smack-a-Roo? Tue, 10/9/12 12:37 AM (permalink)
                          I grew up next to the Ward Parkway Mall Smaks. Nearly everyday of summer vacation, my working Mom left us two dollars each for lunch at Smaks. Two burgers and fries.
                          My high school friend, Pat, worked at Wylie's Burger Basket on Wornall. On Friday nights, they closed at 10. We would wait a half hour, then swing by and Pat would open up the doors. We spend the evening drinking beer and frying our own burgers!

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                            Re:Anyone Remember Smacks? Smack-a-Roo? Sun, 12/2/12 2:10 PM (permalink)
                            Doubt if you'll see this but.....
                            I Googled Smaks because I grew up in P.V. I ate ate the Smaks in OP. Not great. Very variable. The hamburger patty was like Winstead's, very thin. Winstead's is heaven (with a Cherry Lime Soda). Smaks was great sometimes. But sometimes not. Hamburger could get pretty strange at 10 for a dollar. And I kid you not sometimes they used cabbage instead of lettuce.
                            I returned to KC in 73 and worked as a manager for Sydney Ginsberg who owned Smaks at that time. I worked at the Snooty Fox. A good steak house in a bad neighborhood that Sydney's brother Jerry ran. They hated each other but Sydney was in fairly often checking up on Jerry. He talked about Smaks so I'm sure it was his.
                            (added later) I hadn't seen all the other posts.....what memories! When I was little in the mid 50's the was a place in North Kansas City called 'Squat and Gobble'. Remember that? My mom would get me a huge chocolate ice cream cone for a nickle there.
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                              Re:Anyone Remember Smacks? Smack-a-Roo? Sun, 12/2/12 6:26 PM (permalink)
                              I'm a Kansas side boy, Oakdog, but Zaatar knows her way around NKC.  She probably worked at some of those places. 
                              Welcome to RF. There's a bunch of KC nostalgia around here including the evergreen Italian Steak sandwich thread...
                               Italian Steak Sandwiches
                              which-YAY!-has moved up to #1 on google search.
                                  We've also had a few discussions about In-A-Tub and other deep fried tacos from around KC and Kansas.
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                                Re:Anyone Remember Smacks? Smack-a-Roo? Tue, 02/19/13 9:12 AM (permalink)
                                I remember the Smak's on Independence Ave. Also the Bly's Bakery...I LOVED their cookies at Christmas time. I have never been able to find them anywhere else!!! 

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                                  Re:Anyone Remember Smacks? Smack-a-Roo? Wed, 01/1/14 4:25 PM (permalink)

                                  Does anyone remember a little drive-in place called "Mark 90"?  I went to Boone Elementary School and it was across the street from there on Wornall Road.  I believe it was named for the Lucky Strike Lanes bowling alley just behind it.

                                  Yes, Judy, I remember Mark Ninety quite well, at the corner of 90th and Wornall Road, across Wornall from the United Supers grocery store.  Mark Ninety sat atop the hill, with Lucky Strike Lanes just below (and to the west) on 90th Street.

                                  I also remember Boone Elementary.  I didn't attend school there (I lived on the Kansas side when I was in elementary school), but drove right by Boone Elementary on my way to Center Senior High School (I'm guessing you might have attended there, as it possible we know each other?  I was Class of '70.  I'd bet that we at least had some mutual friends in the area.)

                                  Funny story about Mark Ninety.  We moved into a rental house at the corner of 91st Terrace and Washington Road, just a few blocks from Mark Ninety, in the Summer of '65.  As my parents were unpacking our stuff that the movers had unloaded on moving day, they sent me to go pick up some burgers for dinner.  So I hopped on my bicycle and rode up to Mark Ninety.  I picked up everything and came back home and walked in the door with the food.  I mistakenly walked into the house one block down from ours (all the houses in the neighborhood looked pretty similar).  Needless to say, the family I walked in on was quite surprised, and so was I.  But I explained what happened, excused myself, and found my way to our new house a block away with the burgers in hand.  (Do that today and you're liable to get shot.  But it was a simpler time.)

                                  By the way, what I remember most about Mark Ninety was their tacos.  Yummmmm!!!!!
                                  Incidentally, I also bowled quite frequently at Lucky Strike Lanes.  I sure wish I could find some pictures of that place.
                                  Oh, and I also remember one thing about Boone Elementary School.  Even though I didn't attend school there, they would turn the playground there into some kind of a festival each Fall around Halloween, and we'd buy tickets and go hang out there.  It was always fun.

                                  The other drive-in restaurants in the KC area that I remember were Allen's Drive In at 89th and State Line.  We used to stop there every day on our way to Leawood in '58 to watch the builders build our house (the one we left several years later to the one near Mark Ninety).  For my money, Allen's had the best cheeseburgers I've ever eaten.  Smaks, which I always thought was great. And there was a place called Red Barn (there was one in Overland Park, I think near 95th over near Metcalf).

                                  Fun memories.  I left KC in 1970 right after high school and haven't lived there since.  And I haven't visited the area since my dad passed in '95. 

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                                    Re:Anyone Remember Smacks? Smack-a-Roo? Fri, 02/28/14 11:42 PM (permalink)
                                    There was a Smaks at 59th and Leavenworth road, right by Sunset Plaza. There was another on 32nd street but I can't remember the address. I don't remember the year but I do remember I was furious when they raised the price of their burgers from 15 cents to 19 cents, not that I stopped eating them.
                                    Another KC drive in I liked was Fritz's, I think it was far enough east that Leavenworth road turned into Brown avenue but it has to be at least 40 years since I've been there.
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