Have two Roadfood classics reopened?

2009/02/16 10:30:27
While my group of four was in Memphis over the weekend, we stopped and had lunch at the Woman's Industrial Exchange.  While talking with one of the women there about the place, she told me the location in Baltimore was open.  I told her that it had closed a few years back, but she insisted they were at a group function just last year.  Looking at the website, it looks like they may have reopened.
Also, The Four Way Grill in Memphis was a staple in the older Roadfood books.   But, it closed sometime in the 1990s.  While driving around town over the weekend, I noticed a place called Four Way Restaurant.  The sign outfront said something like, "Started in 1945, Re-established in 2003".  It looks like it may be in the same location, too.  Does anyone know if it is owned by the same people?  Has anyone eaten there lately?
These are both potentially great news for Roadfood lovers! 
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mr chips
Filet Mignon
Re:Have two Roadfood classics reopened? 2009/02/20 07:39:27
Nick's Coney Island in Portland, Oregon, a Roadfood reviewed spot, has been open under new management for a few months. I will, in the interest of research, check the place out in the coming months.
Kenny Joe
Re:Have two Roadfood classics reopened? 2009/02/20 07:49:02
I may never get to any of the three establishments mentioned above, but it is still very good news to hear that dead Roadfood establishments have been resurrected. Thanks for the reports, guys.
Re:Have two Roadfood classics reopened? 2009/02/23 10:32:40
mr chips-
Glad to hear about Nick's Coney Island reopening and I'm looking forward to your report.

In a continuation of what I hope is a trend of Roadfood places reopening, I was very surprised to see The Penguin Drive-in in Manitowoc, Wisconsin was open.  The last time in town, the place was closed up and people were selling fireworks in the parking lot.  I took lots of photos, which will be included in my trip report.
Re:Have two Roadfood classics reopened? 2009/03/04 17:51:29
The exchange in Baltimore has outsourced the cooking to a local restaurateur/caterer. I haven't been but I used to go when it was run by the exchange and it was quaint.
Re:Have two Roadfood classics reopened? 2009/03/04 17:55:33
Thanks for the info TFitz.  That does make it sound less quaint.  If you do eat there, please let us know how it was.
Re:Have two Roadfood classics reopened? 2010/05/24 07:07:19
Unfortunately, we are losing ground.  The Penguin in Manitowoc, WI is closed again.