Zel's Roast Beef in NW Indiana

carolina bob
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2009/02/19 10:57:51
There is a mini-chain in northwest Indiana that I feel roadfoodies should know about. It's called Zel's Roast Beef, and while it is fast food, it is nothing like the abominable Arby's chain. Unlike Arby's, Zel's serves REAL roast beef sandwiches; you won't find any of that "chopped / flaked and formed" nonsense here. Great beef on quality bread - I get mine with a small cup of their delicious "juice" ( beef gravy ) on the side to pour over the sandwich. The crinkle-cut fries are of better-than-average quality, and there are a number of other sandwiches on the menu ( barbeque beef, burgers etc. ) My favorite Zel's location is on Indianapolis Blvd. ( US 41 ) at the north end of Schererville IN. Highly recommended by yerz truly.  
Re:Zel's Roast Beef in NW Indiana 2009/02/19 11:07:48
I live in Indianapolis and have never heard of it. Sounds great though!
carolina bob
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Re:Zel's Roast Beef in NW Indiana 2009/02/19 11:55:29
Zel's only has five locations and they're all in the northwestern corner of Hoosierland ( Schererville, East Chicago, Merrillville and two others I can't remember offhand. ) VERY good beef sandwiches.
carolina bob
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Re:Zel's Roast Beef in NW Indiana 2009/02/19 12:01:17
Boy, am I a bozo! I just now noticed the two websites - Hammond and Crown Point are the ones I forgot. Thanks to the numerous Schoop's Hamburgers shops and the two BuffaLouie's wings n' rings places, along with Zel's, NW Indiana is a really interesting place to eat. 
Re:Zel's Roast Beef in NW Indiana 2009/02/19 12:49:19
Northwest Indiana has two native fast food joints with various locations...Schoops and Zel's.

A Mickey burger from Schoops and a chili cheese fries from Zel's

I think the original and the best location of Zel's is the east Chicago location. Northwest Indiana is very interesting place to explore the food spots.

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Re:Zel's Roast Beef in NW Indiana 2009/02/19 13:00:06
Looks good!  There is nothing like that around here, just Arby's, which as you pointed out has switched to beef loaf, or whatever they call it.