Antlers Stanwood Michigan

Junior Burger
2009/04/10 11:49:25
Hello all.  Does anyone know if this restaurant is closed?  Maybe they are open for summer hours only?  We have a $40 gift certificate and planned on going there tonight, but the phone number is disconnected.
Thanks for your input.
Filet Mignon
Re:Antlers Stanwood Michigan 2009/04/10 11:59:23
Patty, I went to and found 2 different phone numbers: 231/972-0900 and 231/972-7900.  If you only called one maybe the other is worth a shot.

Otherwise, maybe someone at the Davis Bridge General Store (231/823-2666) might be able to help.  Good luck! 

Junior Burger
Re:Antlers Stanwood Michigan 2009/04/10 13:45:54
Hi Brad.  I phoned the little store and the fellow that answered was very friendly.  He said they are opening May 1st under new manangement.  I wonder if the gift card will be any good...we'll have to wait and find out.  Guess we'll go to Maxfields in Wyman tonight instead.

Thanks for your help!