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 Worst Drink Ever

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Re:Worst Drink Ever Sun, 08/16/09 12:49 PM (permalink)
Meijer sells some awful good diet sodas under their name.....I particularly love their root beer, orange, grape and cranberry flavors.
    carolina bob

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    Re:Worst Drink Ever Sun, 08/16/09 3:09 PM (permalink)
    Way back when, Canada Dry's Wink was one of my favorite soft drinks, but I haven't seen it anywhere since the '70s.

      Re:Worst Drink Ever Sun, 08/16/09 4:31 PM (permalink)
      Some root beer brand, maybe A&W, came out with a root beer float flavor. I spit it out as soon as I put the first sip in my mouth.

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        Re:Worst Drink Ever Mon, 10/19/09 2:38 AM (permalink)
        Zuberfizz makes a chocolate flavored soda called Coco-Fizz and it is truly horrid.

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          Re:Worst Drink Ever Mon, 10/19/09 5:37 AM (permalink)
          IN China they introduced coca cola coffee being a fan of both i said i got to try this. Inject air bubbles and a gawd awful twang to a bad cup of cold coffee. Bu haochi

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            Re:Worst Drink Ever Tue, 11/24/09 2:44 PM (permalink)
            I like to occasionally drink an energy drink called Monster. You may or may not be familiar with it. One day, we stopped at Trader Joe's and I was intrigued by their brand of energy drink. I thought it was really inexpensive, too. Then I tasted it, and I stopped the car at the nearest trash can and threw it in. I'm not a food or drink waster, but this was not to be tasted ever again! I hope they stopped making it. I like a lot of what Trader Joe's makes, but not that!
            I'm really not a soda drinker, so you can't go by me when I say something tastes nasty soda-wise. So I won't say.
              Ralph Melton

              Re:Worst Drink Ever Tue, 11/24/09 3:35 PM (permalink)
              I was in the ethnic section of the grocery store, and on a whim I bought a six-pack of a beverage called Malta Goya.

              Malta Goya turns out to be more or less an unfermented beer. It was very sweet and malty, with almost no carbonation. I believe it to be popular in many parts of the world, but it was not at all to my taste.
                Ort. Carlton.

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                Re:Worst Drink Ever Sat, 12/19/09 6:19 PM (permalink)
                   I loved Hop 'N' Gator (made by Pittsburgh Brewing) and still really enjoy Moxie (my friend Matt from Maine keeps me supplied).
                   My candidate for worst drink is one I concocted: The Grey Russian. It's a shot of the cheapest vodka around and fill with chocolate milk. Wretched. Somehow I got two of 'em down at a Christmas party in 1972; the girl I took as my date and I are still friends, and she clearly remembers the look on my face when I first tasted the stuff: "How you got that down is beyond me; that you kept it down is a minor miracle," she reminisced once.
                   Now I stick to craft beer. Bell's Two Hearted Ale, anyone? Terrapin Big Hoppy Monster? Copper Creek Double Chocolate X-Mas Stout (alas, not packaged)?
                      Appintedly, Ort. Carlton in Ever-Amazing Athens, Ga.

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                  Re:Worst Drink Ever Wed, 12/30/09 7:05 PM (permalink)
                  Dang, Ort., vodka and chocolate milk! I've been known to mix cheap beer and chocolate milk (I believe they call it a mudbog, at least they did on the Southern Culture on the Skids message boards) but a Grey Russian is out there, even for me.
                    John B

                    Re:Worst Drink Ever Mon, 02/8/10 7:32 PM (permalink)
                    Today I tasted Moxie for the first time and I must say for the last time. It was absolutely the worst soft drink I ever had. Tastes like some kind of medicine. Nasty!!
                      mayor al

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                      Re:Worst Drink Ever Mon, 02/8/10 8:16 PM (permalink)
                      OHHHH John B,  Moxie is a Classic. I do remember my first contact with it many years ago....and my reaction was identical to yours !!! However over the years my palate has changed and find MOXIE to be an interesting taste-treat!  I always refer to it as carbonated  "LAVORIS".  I will admit the diet version is AWLFUL !

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                        Re:Worst Drink Ever Fri, 02/19/10 1:05 PM (permalink)
                        This past Christmastime, all of my brothers and sister were gathered at my mom's house for the holiday. I was looking through the fridge and decided to take a closer look at that gallon jug of apple cider... turns out it wasn't apple cider, but aloe vera juice.
                        I paraded with it out to the living room where everyone was, and asked mom about it. She's been on a healthier eating kick and wanted to try it out for its properties as a digestive aid. I took a sip, and struggled to keep it and everything else I'd eaten down. I had to take a second sip to be certain it was really that bad. It was.
                        We passed it around the room and everyone took a sip, with the same reaction. We took a quick vote and decided unanimously that mom is weird.
                          lone nut

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                          Re:Worst Drink Ever Sun, 04/18/10 11:06 PM (permalink)
                          My girlfriend and I were tasting Italian liqueurs once and came across something nasty. It may have been in a wicker covered bottle, was pale green and was made, I think, from celery. Just the worst.  Lots of folks would probably not care for the Sazerac, probably the first "cocktail" in the US, invented in New Orleans in the 1800s. Calls for rye whisky, Peychaud's bitters, and that licorice flavored stuff that substitutes for absinthe. I think the drink that made me feel worst was when I tried Pina Coladas at home, with that coconut milk. Ugh. Grappa is Italian white lightnin', and not always awful, but usually quite expensive. Some really on top of it Italian restaurants will carry grappa made from the same grapes you just had in your wine glass with dinner. Even if that was a red.

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                            Re:Worst Drink Ever Mon, 04/19/10 12:13 AM (permalink)
                            Plum wine! I had a glass at a Korean restaurant many years ago. It was suggested as a "ladies drink" (I can't remember what the guys were drinking. Probably beer *See below). I took one sip & that was it. Horribly sweet & thick. Gag-Awful. And BEER. ALL beer. I tried, REALLY tried to learn to like it. I spent one whole summer sampling every beer there was & was finally forced to conclude that beer was just not the alcoholic libation for me. *sigh* I really wanted to like beer. It's such an easy, portable drink. No special glasses. No garnishes. Just chill, pop the cap & guzzle.
                            Non-alcoholic? ANY diet soda. All those artificial sweeteners are just nasty to me. I mainly drink water throughout the day, but if I'm gonna have a soft drink, it's gonna be made with SUGAR. Either Dublin Dr. Peppers or Mexican Cokes. A real treat every coupla months or so!

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                              Re:Worst Drink Ever Mon, 04/19/10 6:01 PM (permalink)
                              An Orange Julius.

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                                Re:Worst Drink Ever Mon, 04/19/10 6:38 PM (permalink)
                                I do love Moxie... a friend of my wife's sent us three 12-packs as a wedding present!

                                The nastiest, outside of Jones' deliberately nasty holiday sodas, such as Brussels sprout soda, turkey & gravy, etc, is probably a Butter Scotch Soda that I found some years ago.  Perhaps it was Outlaw brand?  I kept the bottle for years, but don't know what happened to it.  It was a brown bottle with a paper label showing a cowboy on a horse trotting away from the drinker, probably ashamed that he'd been suckered into selling this stuff.  It tasted exactly like melted-down butterscotch candies mixed with club soda.

                                Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray is also quite terrible, but spare a thought for Faygo Redpop.  I swear that stuff tastes exactly like carbonated Robotussin.
                                  lone nut

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                                  Re:Worst Drink Ever Tue, 04/20/10 4:24 PM (permalink)
                                  I go along with SHE,BQ, almost entirely. In the Asian Abomination category, I'll add sake, hot or cold, I hate it. As for beer, I only even consider it with pizza. NEVER by itself. Malt liquor is even worse. I've never tried any fortified wines like Night Train, I'll just assume the price reflects the gag factor. There are some truly nasty low rent vodkas out there, often in $2 half-pint doses.  Things I have TRIED to like? Gin martinis (I hate Tanqueray (sp?), Bombay is closer to palatable, bourbons in general. The only whisky I genuinely enjoy is Bushmills Irish.  Being from Dallas (as am I) I'm surprised SHE,BQ does not go for iced tea. I agree about any diet drink, but I have to wonder if the Cyclamates that were banned when I was a kid tasted any better than Nutri-Sweet. One thing I don't like in the Deep South is sweet tea, especially if I don't realize it's already got sugar in it, and blithely dump more in there!

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                                    Re:Worst Drink Ever Tue, 04/20/10 4:41 PM (permalink)
                                      Parrot Cage

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                                      Re:Worst Drink Ever Fri, 07/15/11 1:30 PM (permalink)
                                      Moxie is NASTY!

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                                        Re:Worst Drink Ever Mon, 07/18/11 8:49 AM (permalink)
                                        My vote is any diet drink (especially the colas).  They all taste like turpentine to me.
                                        Other than diet drinks, I rank Moxie next.   About every five years I revisit a Moxie to see if if's a bad as I remember.  It's always even worse (but not nearly as bad as a diet drink). 

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                                          Re:Worst Drink Ever Mon, 07/18/11 5:33 PM (permalink)
                                          The new lemonade drinks at Long John Silvers.  Wretched.   (OK, OK, it's a chain, but I had a coupon for a free meal, drink and dessert.)

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                                            Re:Worst Drink Ever Mon, 07/18/11 6:39 PM (permalink)

                                            Grapefruit flavored soda : Wink
                                            American soda bottled by IBC. Nasty stuff.

                                            Gin and Wink is great.

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                                              Re:Worst Drink Ever Mon, 07/18/11 6:42 PM (permalink)
                                              I tried it and it's every bit as bad as you say. That said, I'd encourage eveyone to try. It's still an experience.


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                                                Re:Worst Drink Ever Tue, 07/19/11 6:35 AM (permalink)
                                                "Wretched" reminds me.  I forgot all about a lime Ricky that I once had at Sonic.  Now that was wretched.

                                                  Re:Worst Drink Ever Tue, 07/19/11 8:23 AM (permalink)
                                                  I've tried the Beverly soft drink that the OP mentioned at The World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta and it is truly as awful as everyone says.  Can't imagine anyone would drink that on purpose.  A close second would be Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray.  The waiter even warned me I wouldn't like it and it only took me one sip to realize he was right.  Still, I am glad it got tried once.
                                                  As for Moxie and Big Red, those are sodas I very much enjoy!
                                                    mayor al

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                                                    Re:Worst Drink Ever Tue, 07/19/11 8:25 PM (permalink)
                                                    Cliff, I'm with you about Dr Brown's CEL-REY Soda. After reading several good comments about it, I found a 6 pack at a local distributor...Yuck is the nicest thing I can say about it.  The other flavors of the company, especially the Black Cherry and Root Beer are very good, but the Cel-Rey sucks big-time.
                                                    Big Red is common here in this area, while Moxie is scarce...but I enjoy them both when I can.

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                                                      Re:Worst Drink Ever Wed, 07/20/11 8:21 AM (permalink)
                                                      I've found that acidic and/or hot beverages always taste terrible in styrofoam cups.  So I now refuse to drink anyhing in foam cups. Has anyone else noticed this?

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                                                        Re:Worst Drink Ever Wed, 07/20/11 9:12 PM (permalink)
                                                        The most recent worst soft drink I ever tried was Mountain Dew Super Nova.  After about six teeth-gritting swallows, I poured it down the sink.  That was enough for me.
                                                        Worst soft drink ever.  Hands down it is Moxie.  I made myself drink 48 cans of that stuff in a two-week period, trying desperately to like it.  It never got any better.  Can't say I didn't try.
                                                        But hold on!  I just thought of a worse one!  RC's Diet-Rite Cola.  I tried it back in 1966--that's 45 years ago--and I haven't ever forgotten that wretched taste yet.
                                                          Root-Beer Man

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                                                          Re:Worst Drink Ever Sat, 10/8/11 3:03 PM (permalink)
                                                          Well, I have to go with an Indian soda called Thums Up. Nasty, to say the least. As I found out, tho it's got some serious fans, (can't, for the life of me, figure out why). It's a savory soda, doesn't even attempt to emulate anything else out there on the market.

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                                                            Re:Worst Drink Ever Tue, 10/11/11 3:27 PM (permalink)
                                                            Dr. Pepper, never have liked that crap. And "energy drinks" gag.
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