Tiger Tail ice cream

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Tiger Tail ice cream - Mon, 05/11/09 9:11 PM

 The licorice ice cream thread got me to thinking about some ice cream I had about 12-15 years ago in Toronto. My memory of it is fuzzy now but I do remember it was good and I looked for back home in the States for several years. It was called Tiger Tail and was orange sherbet or ice cream and black colored (licorice?) stripes through it. I'm sure it was a Baskin Robbins store we bought it at. Never found any after that. Anyone know of this?

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Re:Tiger Tail ice cream - Mon, 05/11/09 10:09 PM
It used to be very popular in the 80's...could get it in a couple of places in the small city where I live (pop. 22,000).  It's very hard to find now.

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Re:Tiger Tail ice cream - Thu, 05/14/09 12:26 PM
Maybe someone around here is already selling it, but it would a huge hit with LSU fans.

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Re:Tiger Tail ice cream - Fri, 07/10/09 3:19 PM
I remember that ice cream!  It was great!  My family used to camp on one of the Rideau lakes, near Westport, Canada back in the late 70's and early to mid 80's.  I bet johnnymolson knows right where I'm talking about.  Anyway, a couple times a week we would go boating to Westport, dock and then walk around town.  One of the stores served ice cream - I don't remember the name - and we found out about Tiger Tail ice cream.  It became the favorite for my sister, my brother and myself.  I went back to Westport in 1997 but by then the ice cream store was gone (or it had moved but I didn't find it).  I would love some of the ice cream today, that would cool!
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